Which Is the Best Programming Language for AI Machines?

Artificial Intelligence is in limelight these days! While AI machines are finding their application in almost every field, but to program them is still an uphill task. As there is no programming language yet that fulfills the demands and can be used only to program the AI machines, other languages are being used, that so far serve us equally well. While the researchers and developers are working to introduce a language that is solely dedicated for AI machines, we can use a few languages instead of waiting for them to complete their research. Take a read through the following points and get enlightened!

Best Programming Language for AI Machines


Python is one of the trending languages nowadays. Developers indulged in programming of AI machines often use this because of its seamless and simple structure. And, it is the perfect solution for NLP problems! Moreover, creating neural network in this language is quite easy as it has a huge in-built library, supports Object-Oriented, Procedural, and Functional style of programming, is comparatively good for testing algorithms without implementing them and has several other features. Apart from its usage in AI machines, this language is used to develop games, in web designing, data science, and many other areas. So, the next time someone asks you what all can be done with Python, you know the answer, “everything.”


This is the second oldest programming language, and yet is a good fit for the AI machines. The reason behind it, is its unique features such as fast prototyping capabilities, special macro system, ability to adapt to any environment easily, support for symbolic expression, and many others. You’ll be amazed to know that this language is behind the introduction of several ideas in computer science, namely automatic storage management, recursion, dynamic typing, higher-order functions, and many others. Also, some of the popular names in the industry such as Grammarly, Sistemas Cognitivos, etc., use it, as it yields the best results in accordance with their requirements.



Coming on to this, Prolog is also one of the oldest languages and when you’ll compare it with other languages active today, you’ll get to know that it is declarative. And thus, logic of any program in this language will be governed by strict rules and facts. Also, it is competent enough to create expert systems and solve logic-related problems. The other factors that have made this language stand out from the rest include automatic backtracking, tree-based data structuring, etc. As this is best suited for problems that have structured objects, this may be one of the options to program AI machines.

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Artificial Intelligence Markup Language is a dialect of XML that is being used to create chatbots these days. With adequate knowledge of this language, one can easily create partners for conversation that speak natural language. This language has various categories that show patterns of conversation with a chatbot, templates that contain possible response, and unit of knowledge. It may be used to program AI machines as well!



Following the principle of WORA(Write Once Read Everywhere), JAVA codes can be executed on every platform and do not require additional recompilation as it uses Virtual Machine. Being an object-oriented programming language, it is scalable and an ideal platform to code algorithms. It can be used to code neural networks, search engines, and many others. As the market is flooded with JAVA experts, one can easily get assistance needed, if required, to solve the problems while programming the machines.



The best feature that this language has is that it has faster execution time compared to others. And thus, is quite helpful for the AI machines that are time sensitive. As C++ overrides the complexities of 3D games and optimizing resource management, it can be used for AI machines as well. Moreover, there are too many machine learning and deep learning libraries that have been written in C++.

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This is a purely functional programming language and the codes written in this language can be easily executed on multiple CPU in cloud. Haskell is concurrent, has wide range of packages, supports embedded domain-specific language, has CUDA binding, gets compiled in bytecode, and has many other advantages. Guess what? Facebook uses Haskell to fight spam! This is a pretty good choice for coding the AI machines.



Basically, Julia was designed to deal with high-performance numerical analysis and computational science as it is extraordinary! It combines the ease of MATLAB, R, & Python, and has speed of C++. This means that developers need not estimate the model required in one language and develop it in another. Need another reason to verify that Julia is far better than others? Well, all the big names in IT industry are now focusing on this! Possibly it’s time, we use this to program our machines also!

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This is not an exhaustive list of programming languages that can be used to program the AI machine. However, we cannot deny the fact that nothing can be best forever, and AI machine development is no exception to this. Your choice of language depends entirely on the type of project you are working on as you have a specific set of requirements. What do you think? Drop your views in the comments section.

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