Friday Essential: When Tech Meets Humour

Technology is like Fire, that can either be used to warm our food, or completely burn the house down. With the advent of machines, computers, cars and other cutting-edge technologies like ‘AI’ of course, people are gaining even more power day by day.

The tremendous shifts in technology has affected all of us moreover, it’s always discussed in those ivory towers and conferences.  Therefore, seeing its entertaining side is kind of difficult.

But, since its’ the International Day of Peace we would like you to acknowledge some funny, bizarre and hilarious examples of tech.

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Real-Life Examples: Fun Tech

Let’s admit for a once, that we rely so much on technology these days that losing it even for few hours, would be extremely inconvenient and life-altering. And there were times when people took technology too seriously & end up doing these stuff:

1. AI Manipulated Videos

Fake videos created by using new AI-enabled algorithms are causing stir these days. Professional video editors are using whole new array of AI tools that embeds real people’s face onto other bodies to make fake videos lifelike. They depict people doing or saying thing they never did.

There’s a video making rounds on the Internet, in which former US President Barack Obama is consigning efforts of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, offering a controversial opinion about HUD Secretary Ben Carson, and calling President Donald Trump a “complete and total dip—‘’.

Though, totally fake but see how real it looks: Watch Here

AI Manipulated Videos

2. Crazy Challenges On Social Media

People seems to take social media too far! Chances are if you’ve spent any time on social media in past couple of weeks, you’ve seen some of your friends jumping out of a movie car and dance alongside it to the song ‘In My Feeling’. Yes, you’ve guessed it correct, it’s called “Kiki Challenge”. While there are some really funny videos, Social media websites are also filled with lot of failed ones where people end up hurting themselves.

Don’t you think we are taking social media too seriously?

Let’s be real for once here: Large number of people attempting these foolish challenges are putting not just their lives at risk but lives of others too. Like to what extent one can go for social media fame?

Crazy Challenges On Social Media

Watch some of the funniest Kiki Challenges here!

3. Funny Tech Podcasts

Though lots of podcasts are either deeply technical or too critical, but learning about what we use, why we use, and how it’s made helps us to make a better decision.

Nerds who like their own comedy on tech side will find these podcasts a perfect blend of humor and technology.

  • This Is Only A Test

Completed almost 300 episodes, the podcast features hilarious discussion on new gadgets, pop culture and various experiments they’ve dealt with.

Click here to listen!

  • Reply All

Explore every weird & funny tech hacks at Reply All podcast. Completed over 140 episodes, they pack a lot of information in short audios.

Listen here, Android users.

Listen here, iOS users.

  • Funny as Tech

Funny as Tech is the most popular tech podcast that you’ll ever listen to. A group of tech ethicist and experts, the podcast is all about the cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the way people live, learn and die. There episodes are complete fusion of information and fun!

Listen to this podcast here!

Some other fun podcast you can listen to are: Future Tense, Twenty Thousand Hertz, Anatomy Of Next, Clockwise.

4. Never-ending Tech Memes

Some of the funniest technology memes of all time.

Never-ending Tech Memes
Much relatable, right?
mobile every time reaction
Every time!
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Who says, Engineers have weird sense of humour?
most dangerous weapon
Forgive your enemies, but never delete the screenshots!
mac now support windows
Okay, you can kill me for this!

5. Safety Devices That Are Not Actually Safe

We are surfaced with all new gadgets and devices. And when it comes to safety, they are the ultimate means to minimize risks and protect us from harm.

But at the end of the day it’s all illusion and sometimes those features don’t actually do anything.

  • Antivirus Software

Yikes! No matter how aged the software is, it can only be able to protect you against known viruses. Online criminals are too smart these days, they test new malware for years & years before launching it. They tweak and test and retest before evading an antivirus program.

antivirus Software why need

  • Airbags

Until and unless you meet the standards to fit airbags, this safety tool is useless.

Want to read about more horrible imperfect technologies, here’s the other blog for you!

why we need airbags

  1. Funny Tech Commercials

You may not realize it, but YouTube has a lot more to offer than those stupid kids hurting themselves in foolish stunts and viral videos which certainly have no sense.

We understand that some of you have nothing to do with tech and computers, but they’ll make you laugh, anyway!

  • When Alexa Loses Her Voice

Amazon got global appreciation for this ad, it shows how Alexa- the digital assistant lost her voice and how its replaced by a phalanx of unqualified celebrities. Jeff Bezoz has a cameo role in the ad.

When Alexa Loses Her Voice

Do watch it here!

  • How Every Tech Support Call Feels

Have you every call tech support? If yes, then you can totally relate to this piece of ad.

How Every Tech Support Call Feels

Watch here!

Want to watch more fun tech videos, click here!

To conclude, just once in a while, put those gadgets and devices away from you and live without technological means. Sometimes, even getting into social media detox will do you good!

Happy Friday! 🙂

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