WhatsApp’s Latest Update Includes Offline Messaging Queuing and More…

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A latest WhatsApp update version 2.17.1. rolled out last evening for iPhone owners and it comes with a much needed relief, especially for those users who often find themselves in areas with poor network reception. The new update of WhatsApp gives users the ability to text even without internet i.e.  if you’ll send a message it will be added to a messaging queue and will be sent to the recipient the next time as the handset has a stable connection.

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Previously, you needed an Internet connection to send a message using WhatsApp. If we talk in technical terms it’s still true, as the message isn’t actually going to leave your phone as long as you’re offline. However, you can now peck out whatever message you want sent while you’re offline and tap to send it.

It’s a convenient feature which has given a great relief to iPhone users. Earlier, the send button used to stay disabled till the time it received a proper network connection. No matter what priority our messages hold, the “Tap to try again” notification made us extremely fussy.


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Additional Delights

The new update of WhatsApp not only brings the offline message queuing but gives a set of additional features too! It now comes with the ability to send batches of content, as well, enabling us to send up to 30 videos or photographs at once.

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Lastly, there is another tiny little addition that should make life easier for those using an iPhone with low internal storage. The new update is quiet handy and lets you peep into individual chats or group chat to check which one is hogging up most of your storage.

The update is about 91.2MB in size and is available only for users who have iOS 7 or higher installed.

So pals, what are you waiting for? Update now!


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