WhatsApp Introduces New Feature To Dismiss An Admin

With WhatsApp taking over conventional methods of chatting, there’ve been more features added towards group chats. The biggest and free messaging app WhatsApp has been in vogue for a long time now. If you look at the success graph of the app, what stands out it are the constant efforts put in by the team to improve it. If you compare the early days, when WhatsApp first came into picture with where it stands today, you would realize the number of services and features they have added or removed over the years.

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To keep up with their tradition of being the best in the league, developers chose the group chat stream. WhatsApp has introduced a feature that lets you demote a group creator using the ‘dismiss as admin’ feature. Although, you might encounter some problems while accessing it as the feature is still in beta mode. The need to introduce a feature of removing a person from the admin chair has been felt due to the high number of annoying spam messages circulated among people in a group.

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The newly introduced feature of WhatsApp allows users to dismiss an administrator of any group chat. Presently, WhatsApp allows to add or remove a user only through an admin credential. However, once the feature goes live, you shall be able to dismiss a user from the administrator ship. It is important to note that you should possess an admin position in the same group where you wish to dismiss the other admin.

The dismiss as Admin feature is still in beta for Android and under development for iOS devices. If you’re using WhatsApp on an Android device the feature is available for you to use. You can access the feature to dismiss an admin by tapping the Group info; however, you need to be an admin to use it.

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Many groups have been getting messages saying that their WhatsApp account would become chargeable if they don’t send a message to a sum of number. Also, there are times when you’ve a decent group of people in a chat but one of the admins doesn’t fit anymore. The dismiss as admin feature is a boon and curse depending on the usage.

Overall, the feature is indeed another improvement that was less analyzed but desperately needed. Android users are ready to go and give this dismiss as admin a kick for various reasons, whereas the iOS users may have to wait a bit more. It is important that you keep your WhatsApp messenger up to date in order to gain the access of the new feature.

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