WhatsApp Features: Latest Updates You Must Try

WhatsApp has always been updating its app and has been to adding more features now and then. The messenger app is known as the most popular communication app worldwide. The app keeps introducing new features to engage more users. This has also worked before in respect to the user benefits. The forward message limit which changed in 2019 was also one of the big changes. There are similar features, which have been added recently, and you must check them. In this post, we have covered the latest feature updates in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Features :

There are a few WhatsApp new features, which have been added recently to the app. If you are not able to use them on your smartphone, make sure you update the app from the AppStore or Google Play Store, respectively for your iOS and Android devices. The features given below will be available to be used on your WhatsApp soon after.

1. WhatsApp Voice Notes:

WhatsApp voice notes have seen a lot of changes over time. The simplest way to send your message in the audio form is WhatsApp voice notes. Don’t feel like typing or being on call, reply to texts with WhatsApp voice notes. The voice note can be used by pressing on the mic icon in the right end of the typing bar in the app. Record the message and lift your finger and the WhatsApp voice note will be sent instantly in the chat box. The conversation can keep flowing with the use of voice notes. The person in the conversation will need to play the voice note. The earlier version required to play the voice notes separately, which has changed now with the update 2.19.203 The update will let you play the voice note in sequence and it will not require you to play it each time.

All you need to do is on the receiver end to play the first voice note. Rest will follow as the first voice note ends, the next voice note begins.

WhatsApp Voice Notes

This will help you get the message in once without having to break the flow. Note that, if any text from either side is sent in between two voice notes, this feature won’t work. As this WhatsApp new feature only works for the voice notes sent together.

 2. WhatsApp Forward Message:

The users have been getting the information on the message sent from their WhatsApp account for being delivered and read. Now the game changes to make it available to see how many times your WhatsApp message has been forwarded. This is shown right under the other Message information. This WhatsApp new feature will help users find out more about what happens to their text. If anyone has been in a private chat, they can check if ever their message was forwarded. Also, it works for the people if they want to check the action has been performed, or not after being told to forward the text. This WhatsApp feature was added with the update 2.20.11

To check how many times your message has been forwarded, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp.

Step 2: Open a chat or start a new conversation.

Step 3: Type a message and click on Send.

Step 4: Wait for it to be delivered and read, after a certain time, check if your sent message is forwarded ahead on WhatsApp.

Select the text and tap on Message info icon which present on the top bar for Android users and over the options for iOS users.

Step 5: It opens the information on the particular message, and you can view the number of forwards here.

WhatsApp Forward Message

Additional to this a new update will bring in the frequently forwarded messages feature. This will appear on the top of the message which was forwarded to you.

3. Dark Mode:

If you are still wondering why WhatsApp does not have a dark theme yet, you don’t have to wait anymore. WhatsApp beta users are all able to use the dark mode on their Android devices.

Read more on how to be a WhatsApp beta tester.

Also try the method to turn on dark mode on WhatsApp if you are not a beta user.

Steps to turn on dark mode on WhatsApp-

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp.

Step 2: Open Settings, from the three-dot options on the top-left side.

Step 3: Go to Chats>Display.

Step 4: Tap on Theme, an option will appear to choose a theme.

Step 5: Tap on Dark, and you will now see the official version of dark them from WhatsApp.

Dark Mode


These WhatsApp features are going to help you with the usage. We hope you are going to try this on your updated apps. Voice notes running in a sequence and the number of message forwards are the WhatsApp new features to try. Other WhatsApp new features such as dark themes will soon be available to all users.

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