CloneSpy Duplicate Remover : Complete Remover 2023

Now that you’re provided with unlimited data packs, it is very likely that you would download anything and everything that looks vibrant to you. However, what you may overlook is the number of times you may have downloaded the same thing. Repetitive downloads have intensified due to this unlimited and high-speed data options. It is understood that downloading the same thing more than once would not cost you anything but the space on your machine is always limited. No matter how big your disc is, there would come a time where it would need you to clean it up. Also, if you try to scrutinize the files that you don’t want anymore, it requires a lot of effort, which is also frustrating.  This is the time when you require a dedicated tool that can provide you with all the duplicates that are occupying unnecessary space. This is when the CloneSpy software comes to take your back.

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What makes CloneSpy the best tool to regain disks pace?

Although, there are many fancy tools that promise to recapture the lost space on your drive. However, only a few of them can find and execute the algorithm that not only cleans the disc but also takes care of the drive health. CloneSpy being one of the best tools that lets you add the desired folder to be added in the Pool, which later gets scanned for duplicates. Here, the CloneSpy lets you make separate pools with multiple drives that you wish to scan. You can choose the mode of scan that powers you to scan specific or both pools of folders to scan. Then, you can simply choose the action to execute on the duplicates that would be find after the scan.


Duplicate Files Fixer

  • Find & Remove Duplicate Files
  • Recover Huge Chunks Of Storage Space
  • Speed Up your Device In A Few Clicks


Identifying Duplicates: CloneSpy is a dedicated tool that helps you identify duplicate files on your machine. The tool employs its mechanism that is based on several factors like file name, type, date, location etc. to compare to get its duplicate unveiled. You can simply choose the folders out of your drive and put them in your desired pools. You may also choose to scan one pool at a time or both.

Identifying Duplicates

Moving Duplicates: CloneSpy offers you to move your duplicate files to a different location. It is an important feature of any software that comes handy when you’re trying to eliminate duplicates on your work computer. It is understood that your work machine would have a lot of important files in it and deleting duplicates directly without any further look may not be a good idea. To avoid any situation of deleting something important, CloneSpy lets you put your found duplicate files to a different location, which can be an external drive as well to take a further look before you delete them.

Deleting Duplicates: One of the major functions of CloneSpy is getting rid of file-redundancy on your machine. To do that, you can set this tool to directly delete all the found duplicate files. Remember that, every duplicate file would have same characteristics and occupy similar size of space. It is important that you regularly check on duplicate files on your computer and remove them to keep your system free for other important data. With CloneSpy, you get yourself free of any manual labor, which in turn results in frustration and confusion.

Deleting Duplicates

Taking everything into account, it is understood that you may enlarge the disk space by adding more to your machine, but it has its saturation. If you keep downloading the files without taping the number, you may have to face the disk space problem. However, if you maintain your system with the help of CloneSpy, you would diminish the file redundancy to ensure a better disk space. If you know some more tips and tricks that saves space on your machine, do let us know in the comments below.

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