What Is The Future of Smartphones?

What was your reaction, when you first saw a smartphone and its amazing features? We’re sure it was, “Holy C**p, this is the future!” Technology has evolved and made smartphones a part and parcel of our lives. Now, when you are using the most advanced smartphones, you can easily contemplate the future. What will smartphones look like in future? From self-healing screens to drone cameras, here is a possible list of innovations that can shape the future of smartphones.

Foldable Phones

foldable phones

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Imagine having a smartphone with at least three interconnected screens that can be folded according to your requirements. Sounds exciting! Thanks to Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, this could be the future of smartphone. This fictional phone can capture and record all your art and creativity and can work in all kinds of challenging terrain. Of course, the screen will be unbreakable as well as self-healing and it will come with a software that never crashes. Also, because of its paper-thin screen and amazing foldable ability, it will easily fit in your pocket with limited space.

Drone phones

drone phones

How many times have you dropped your phone right on your face, while you text or browse lying on the bed? Plenty of times! Now just visualize a phone that can adjust itself in the air and move according to your face or retina. It means that you can watch movies lying on the bed in your favorite posture or can have a video chat while cooking. All you have to do is to adjust its settings and your smartphone will take the perfect shot while you bungee-jump from the cliff.

3d screens and holograms

3d screen phones

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Enough of 3d movies in theatres, now it’s time to enjoy the same in your phone. What I mean is you can take your yoga classes live from your phone in 3D format as if you are in the class. Let’s take another example, have you ever watched Tom Cruise’s ‘Minority Report’ movie? If yes, then your dream might come true as mobile companies are now shifting from 2D to 3D future-features for the smartphone screen. Adding to this, there will be incoming holographic projections, which will be a combination of 3D features in smartphones and projections from the smartphone. In lame language, you can move objects by grabbing them from one place to another or resize photos by using your hands.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

AI and VR phones

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Well, there are smartphones with integrated projectors but what about turning them into an interactive gaming console? With artificial intelligence, this is possible. All you need will be a flat screen not connected to a TV screen. In case of physical controller, you can use your body or voice and enter in virtual reality. Your phone can capture movements and voice commands via artificial intelligence and let you explore and interact with objects. Also, the device will come with unlimited free storage.

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Batteries with extended life and motion charging

motion charging phones

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Though smartphones are arriving with some unexpected features, nobody is working on the battery life especially when we are moving towards 5G and is in the era of live videos and 3d virtual assistant. In future we will probably move over from lithium batteries and develop phones that can last for more than a month. Just like Jemma from “Agents of Shield” had one, when she was lost in another dimension with Will! Also, it would be amazing to charge your phone while you move.

More privacy!

more privacy

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When it comes to future of privacy and keeping your devices and internet secure, quantum cryptography is the best alternative available. This technology is known for transmitting secret information over long distances by using photons of light to physically transfer a shared secret between two entities. Hacking is a serious issue faced by online users, especially, when everything is now connected electronically. From paying bills to ordering food, our personal information is stored in our phone. Via this technology, we can surpass this problem and have more privacy.

Ring phone

ring phones

Breakable screens and smartphone thefts is a major problem of existing generation of smartphones. Wishing for a phone that can fit into your finger just like a ring is completely acceptable. With virtual screens and adjustable sizes, it’s not a stretch to imagine yourself modifying a character in 3D the way Tony Stark develops his holographic Iron Man suit.” Also, the ring phone will be linked with our biometrics that includes retina scanning, blood sampling, walking posture etc. that can give precautionary information and save your life.

The believe that smartphone will be in your blood, will act like an extra bone in your body, something which is vital for your living, might possibly be true in future. With the advent of IoT and other technological development, the revolution of smartphone is inevitable. The above-mentioned developments are just assumptions because for technology, sky is the limit. I’d love to hear more about what other people want their smartphones to do in the future.

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