What is Google Call Screen: All You need to Know!

Along with the launch of new Pixel devices, Google also unveiled a whole new concept known as Call Screen. This call screening service by Google is one great initiative which allows you to deal with unknown numbers or contacts which you’d rather feel to avoid at times. It is specifically designed to understand who is calling you and why! Call screen features is rolling out with Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Xl, so before we see how it works let’s have a better understanding over what is Google Call Screen.

Google Call Screen

What is Google Call Screen?

Are you constantly annoyed by spam calls or unknown numbers calling you at odd hours? If yes, then with the help of Google Call Screen you can easily understand why a specific contact is calling you and why. With Google Call Screen you can have a better control over managing incoming spam calls on your device. Not just this, this AI powered feature by Google will also be able to call restaurants and make appointments on your behalf with the help of Google Assistant.

What is Google Call Screen

Google Call Screen will simply initiate a screening process on your device understanding why a specific unknown contact is calling you and will try to run a few questions before you answer the call. And you know what’s the best part? To run this process, Google Call Screen would neither mobile data or WiFi connection. It will just try to run a screening process with that contact and will keep all your conversations private and secure.

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How Does Google Call Screen Work?

Google Call Screen is an entirely simple to use experience which can bring your life to ease by handling unknown calls on your device. To understand how Google Call screen works let’s take up a small example. Suppose, you’re out at vacation with your family, and an unknown person calls you (probably a spam call) so now as soon as you’ll tap the screen call option on screen, Google will start the screening process. Google will take over from here and will ask who is calling and why and transcribe the conversation in real-time.

You’ll be able to read the entire conversation on your phone’s screen which will help you decide whether the call is important or not. If the call is from one of your trusted contacts, you can immediately call them back, send a quick text or ask for more info. And if not, then you can probably mark the call as spam without having any second thoughts.

So, now no more guessing when an unknown contact calls you. With Google Call Screen you can have a much better control over why a certain person is reaching you and why.

How to Use Google Call Screen on Pixel Devices?

Google Call Screen on Pixel Devices

Using Call Screen is like having your own personal assistant that takes care of all your business and then reaches to you only if there’s something important. Using Google Call Screen feature on Pixel devices is pretty simple. You’ll be receiving calls with the usual standard interface, but now you will see a new “Screen Call” button on the screen. Once you hit this button, Google Assistant will take over from here on your behalf and will answer the call on your behalf while asking a few questions from caller.

As the caller will answer your questions, you would be able the read the conversation on your phone’s screen so that you can decide whether it’s important or not. If someone genuine is calling, you can immediately press the green button on screen and begin talking. Otherwise, you can mark the call as spam and then Google will automatically end the call.

Google Call Screen feature on Pixel

To access Call Screen settings on your Pixel device head on to Settings> Call Screen> Voice. Here you can change or pick the voice for call screening process whether you want a male voice or female voice. Select the one which you want to use and then exit the Settings.

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So, folks this was a quick guide on what is Google Call Screen and how to use this feature on your new Pixel devices. Feel free to share your feedback about how much you liked this new Google feature! Watch this space for more such updates.

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