What is Deep Linking? How Can Marketers Benefit from Deep Linking?

The millennial generation tends to spend most of their time browsing on the Internet. From checking emails to shopping online to watching videos on YouTube, the Internet can keep us glued 24×7.

Internet is a global platform that connects millions of users around the globe. These users can be anyone, students, professionals, teenagers, marketers, hackers or anyone. So, when you’re browsing the web, we see a lot of advertisements and promotional schemes crawling over the web pages, right? Website owners or marketers use various measures to catch user attention and for promoting their products and brand.

What is Deep Linking
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One such marketing concept is known as Deep Linking, which has become one of the trendiest buzzwords in Internet marketing. Let’s know about all about what is Deep linking, how does deep linking work, and everything else you should know on this subject.

Let’s get started.

What is Deep Linking ? Where Did it Come From ?

Deep Linking
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Deep Linking is a technique used by marketers where a user is instantly redirected to a specific point on a similar webpage or external website or app. Let’s understand what is deep linking with the help of an example.

We all use social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, right? Suppose, you see an ad on the Facebook news feed, say a t-shirt. The moment you tap on that advertisement, you’re redirected to an external page or the app that sells that product. So, this transition of the user from the webpage to any external or subsequent screen is how deep linking works.

Deep Linking technique
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Deep Linking is a great marketing concept that allows retailers to maintain user attention and offers better conversion rates. The concept of Deep Linking is not entirely new and has been around for quite some time. While surfing the web, you may have come across this process several times. When you see a flight advertisement on any webpage, as soon as you click it, you’re redirected to the respective travel app instantly.

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Deep Linking VS Hot Linking

Both these terms are often misinterpreted and considered the same. However, they’re too different. Deep Linking is a practice that helps retailers to extend their visibility beyond a specific webpage.

Hot Linking, on the other hand, is a technique or marketing concept where website owners add a link on webpages that directly downloads files on your system, mostly hosted by third-parties.

Why is Deep Linking Important for Marketers ?

Deep Linking VS Hot Linking
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Almost all marketers, irrespective of the platform, share some goals which include, increase brand visibility, user database, and conversion rate. All this can be easily achievable via Deep Linking techniques to optimize the user experience. We’re all aware that apps and websites act as a common link between the user and the marketer. By enabling a few marketing measures, like deep linking within apps and webpages, they can drastically improve user engagement as with Deep Linking relevant content is offered without even leaving the main webpage.

Chrome has a New Deep Linking Feature too!

New Deep Linking Feature
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Yes, that’s right. The latest version of Google Chrome, i.e. Chrome 80 now features a new “Scroll to text” option, which is more of a deep linking technique. This new feature that comes with Chrome allows websites or authors to create deep links within the same webpage or any other website.

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So, folks, that was all on what is deep linking, how can marketers benefit from it and everything else wrapped in a nutshell. What do you think the future of deep linking looks like? Does it have a long way to go? Feel free to share your insights in the comments box below.


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