What If You Could Directly Type by Thinking?

Knock Knock!! Its Facebook Knocking the doors of your mind. Typing with a keyboard or speech typing seems to be very old to them as they are working on something revolutionary. At their annual conference of developers, Facebook unveiled Wednesday projects focusing at how users could type messages directly by thinking the sentences or words.

While speaking at Silicon Valley event, Regina Dugan, Facebook executive and former DARPA director said “Speech is essentially a compression algorithm, and a lousy one at that, that is why we love great writers and poets, because they are just a little bit better at compressing the fullness of a thought into words. What if we could type directly from our brain into a computer?”

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About the Project:

The project started six months ago and currently a team of more than 60 scientists, engineers, and system integrators working on it. Company is planning to coming up with innovative hardware for the social network’s mission of connecting the world. As Dugan said “We are just getting started, “We have a goal of creating a system capable of typing 100 words-per-minute straight from your brain.”

Interaction with brain without surgical implants:

Currently brain-computer interface technology involves surgical implant of electrodes in brain but Facebook is working on something based on sensors that could be worn, and made in quantity.

Dugan quipped, “We are not talking about decoding your random thoughts; that is more than many of us want to know,”

“We are talking about thoughts you want to share. Words you have decided to send to the speech center of the brain.”

With use of such technology people will be able to fire emails, messages and other texts with their brain directly. When all the messages will be sent, and received directly through the brain then this technology may ditch the language differences.

Feeling the words received:

The technology will not only be limited to typing messages. Your messages can be felt by the recipient. Facebook is also working on sensors that let people “hear” through their skin, with what they feel being converted into words in a variation on how the ear turns vibrations into comprehensible sounds. On this Dugan said “Our brains can construct language from components.” “I suggest that one day, not so far away, it may be possible for me to think in Mandarin and for you to feel it instantly in Spanish.” So, the technology will bring you a new medium to receive conversations.

This may happen that very soon we will observe some revolutionary changes in technology. Team is working hard under the guidance of Dugan who prior to this ran the Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, devoted to developing technology for the US military.


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