Westworld: A Dystopian Wonderland!

Hosts! This word alone terrified the bejeezus out of me. But that’s the thing about WestWorld. It is one of the most famous sci fi shows currently airing on HBO. This show offers its viewer a heady cocktail of Technology, AI, 3D Tech, Future Tech with a dash of old world charm. What a combination. A stellar cast and cutting edge VFX, makes this show a must watch. It is also HBO’s heir apparent after the soon ending ‘Game of Thrones’.

Westworld may have just started it second season this week, but the buzz around it is enough that season 5 should be considered in the bag (The same was also being said for Firefly, so not jinxing it) This show has managed to receive twenty-two Emmy nominations for its first season. It is the most for any drama series in the history of the Emmy!

Westworld Technology: The Key Feature Of The Show

One of the most important feature that contributes to this sci fi show’s success is the technology that is being depicted. Well beyond our means, this show has managed to create real like gadgets and gizmos to such levels that if we strive to achieve it, it shall still take us a couple of decades at the most to reach a basic level.

Let’s take a quick look at the believable technologies that are in the show which take it to that next level.

 1. Hosts :


The hosts! Can I say this again to establish my point? THE HOSTS! What a marriage of AI and 3D printing! While we may have managed to create a Sophia in the real world, in the reel world however, they are the life like counterparts and are one of the main protagonists on this sci fi show. They are supposed to be created as with their exoskeleton in part being created with 3D printing and in the end dipped into a large vat of unspecified material. We assume it is photopolymer resin (the white liquid seen dripping from the Androids during assembly).

They look and feel exactly like human beings. This helps them in disguising themselves into random sexbots, as target for practice for the amusement of the humans in gunfights or simply act as companions of the humans on their many adventures. They are so lifelike that on screen the very concept that one can create such lifelike hosts (robots for the common man) can be achieved by incorporating 3D printing seems unbelievable. We can hope that over time more and more such Hosts find their place in our everyday lives albeit they pass the Turing test (a Test that marks the self-awareness of a Robot)

 2. Hyperloop :


How can a sci fi show that is based in the future miss out on not having a Hyperloop? The brainchild of Elon Musk, this project is being backed by Tesla and SpaceX. Now, as construction of the same has started in many sectors all over the world, travel will never be easier. One of the key features of the Hyperloop is that it uses a primitive technology and gives it wings in creating something that almost seems from the future. Simply put, Hyperloop is a sealed tube or system of tubes through which a pod (similar in size to a small coach) travels free of any air resistance or friction in a vacuum. It conveys people at almost supersonic high speed. One of the key features of the Hyperloop is that it is a solar powered train that touches the speed of 1.200 km/hour. How is that for unbelievable?

3. Trifold Phone Screens :

trifold phone screens

Where the likes of Apple, Samsung have failed, Westworld gave us a glimpse of a technology that we have been craving since the advent of smartphones. A foldable smartphone which upon being opened becomes a seamless touch screen! Nerdgasm! What makes this technology so attractive is that it makes carrying large screen phones practical due to the folds. On the show, such gadgets play a very important role. Holographic Interface of landscape on a Trifold Phone is just beyond awesome. Add to it Gesture control using Leap Motion Controller and we have a winner in our hands. This gadget is must have for all of us. When it is made in real life that is!

 4. Simunitions :


We have saved the best for the last. When a host is shot at, it is the guns and not the bullets that decide if that which is being shot at is a Host or a Human. The smart guns can detect heat. The Hosts are cold and can be shot at, but the other guests who are humans, are warm blooded and so the gun wouldn’t fire at them. In the show however, there is a deeper subplot going on because of which there has been no explanation on screen of the differences in the way the bullets work on humans in comparison to the hosts. The conclusion we have reached is due to the comment of Co-creator Jonathan Nolan wherein he had established the narrative of the show with, “Westworld wouldn’t be as thrilling if the guns weren’t loaded. Humans can be shot, but you are under no serious risk of injury or death; our guns feature low-velocity technology which feels closer to paintballs than bullets. You will either get better at ducking or grow accustomed to the impact. You won’t be in any physical danger at Westworld, though the further you get from Sweetwater, the rowdier things can get. The park only has one rule: You cannot hurt another human, but the hosts are fair game.” Mark us down for scared and excited!

There you have it folks. Here are the top technologies that are covered in the sci fi show Westworld. Do catch the latest season on HBO. Drop us a line in the comments section below on your views of this article.

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