Friday Essential: Weird Technologies And Gadgets That Will Mess With Your Sanity

Friday Essentials

Every year thousands of new technologies and gadgets are introduced to the world! A few of them are really useful and interesting while others just surprise us! here, we present to you a list of such weird gadgets that depict- Technology is not solution of everything. If we rely too much on it, our lives will become too annoying! Don’t trust us, right? Read the list of gadgets and technologies given below and you’ll believe that there are high tech gadgets which are good for nothing! Let’s get started and know about weird technologies that you won’t believe exist!

1 Hushme Voice Mask

If you are someone who is continuously poked to lower your voice while talking on phone or singing at awkward places, then this one’s for you! This is an absolutely weird mask which has to be wrapped around your mouth. It uses insulation to suppress your voice. In case you are equally weird as this gadget, you can also enable preset sounds that people nearby you will hear such as chirping birds, sound of squirrels, monkeys or even minions! Pretty impressive indeed!

Hushme Voice Mask

2 Denso Vacuum Shoes

Have you ever wondered, what is the best way to foster creativity amongst your fellow employees? Well, possibly by giving them ultimate freedom which they can use to innovate random gadgets that make absolutely no sense! Denso Vacuum Shoes is a byproduct of such uber cool employers with highly creative employees! These are abnormally giant shoes that can gather dust from the floor while you walk! Each step you take cleans the debris on the floor! Such a useful product without which our existence might be in danger!

Denso Vacuum Shoes

3 Smart Toilet

You might have thought of enjoying a bath in one of those luxurious bathrooms with exotic hardware right? But have you ever thought of deploying one opulent toilet for yourself? If yes, you can have the most prestigious experience of lifetime by buying a smart toilet which can be controlled by Alexa as well! It is equipped with deodorizer, heater and other things to take care of other businesses while you are busy doing your business! Considering the problem of white noise which can be used to hack your Alexa; you might consider being prepared for waterless toilet or unusual sprays of extremely hot or cold water!

Smart Toilet

4  Xavion

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you wonder what will happen if a flight’s engine stops operating or the pilot and the copilot get killed? If you just answered in affirmative, then you are certainly eligible for downloading this extremely helpful app which might assist you in emergency landing of your PLANE! Jokes apart, but how can anyone be so paranoid that they’ll think about taking charge of the entire plane without adequate training? We are not making this up; this is a legit app which can be downloaded from here.


5 HAPIfork

Extremely helpful for people who are desperately trying to lose weight but are failing miserably! You can certainly buy this one! It works on a weird technology that believes eating too fast makes you gain weight and leads to poor digestion! This is basically an electronic fork which can be controlled via an app. The best part is this vibrates when you are eating too fast! And thus, you can control your weight! Or you can exercise a bit? Just saying!


6 BOx

One of the most annoying innovations on this list is BOx! Claimed to be the world’s first bottle opener, this one has a dedicated team! This is an awkward looking smart bottle opener which notifies your friends promptly that you are having a drink! And they can join you because they have your location as well! This is their official website from where you can buy this and become party animal!


7 HugMe app

There is no denying the fact that people are becoming more and more connected with their mobile phones and are losing contact with their friends and relatives. This can induce the feeling of being alone; still it is hell creepy when a stranger hugs you! “Hug me” is an app which has taken responsibility of curbing loneliness of people! It skips the part of meeting people and having a casual chit chat like socializing apps and comes straight to HUGGING! Pretty creepy!

HugMe app

This is not an exhaustive list of weird gadgets and technologies that have been innovated! But this leaves us with a question, should we really focus on these when we are at verge of becoming slaves to machines? What are your views on this?

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