3 Ways To Add More Storage To Your Macbook!

Many Mac users find themselves in a position where they have already spent a heavy amount for purchasing a good laptop but the storage is just not enough to work further. Mac storage usually becomes a concern and you can’t even exchange it with another laptop to solve the issue. It’s ok, you don’t even have to worry anymore. Extending your Mac storage is very much possible now using external hard drive, SD cards and a few more options.

But before you move ahead investing your precious time to deal with increasing data on disk, it is best to analyze available space, clear out obsolete junk and optimize the performance of your PC. How and Why?

Using Disk Clean Pro! This tool will help thrash-off files that may be using too much Mac storage. At the same time, it will also clear out leftover partial downloads and provides additional internet privacy. Once you are sorted with it and still craving for storage, move ahead!

disk clean pro mac

How To Expand Mac Storage?

Let’s just now quickly explore the ways by which one can increase the size of Mac storage and use it efficiently for future downloads and installation.

1. External Hard Drive for Mac

External hard drives are probably the easiest methods to increase Mac storage. And then you can carry these drives anywhere, anytime! Its affordability, low power consumption, size, and data carrying capacity makes it almost a last resort option for most of the people.

external hard drive Mac

You can also archive your documents, software backups, images, videos and larger files in them and keep on expanding this library as and when required. Also, internal partition within these external hard drives for Mac is also possible to keep the folders organized.

We still need to keep in mind that these drives are prone to mechanical failure and are fragile for the users, so better take care of it while transferring from one place to another.

2. SSD Upgradation

Solid State Drive or SSD is present in almost all the new MacBooks which are not as fragile as hard drives and quite fast in working. Those times are gone when these SD cards couldn’t store much data, now they have become a major player with more than 1TB available storage.

Moreover, you can store data in this drive today and use the same on another laptop tomorrow. Consider buying these drives only when you are sure about its replacement in your model. This is because many SSD cards come attached to it and are irreplaceable.

Also, make sure that you are efficient enough in opening the laptop using screwdrivers to upgrade SSD. If you have a doubt, consider visiting an expert for the same.

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3. Cloud Storage

SSD or external hard drive for Mac is easy and reliable but these tools can be damaged or lost due to some or other reasons, keeping in mind its portability. Another method takes you to Cloud Storage! This storage will save your important data in another space or cloud while keeping it safe and secure from even the prying eyes.

Cloud Storage

A setback that iCloud backup displays is its work tempo which is limited to internet speed and accessing these files location is only possible using Mac.

Similarly, Right Backup does this job very swiftly and you can access this data anywhere, be it Android, iOS or Windows anytime.

right backup


We would also like to tell you that managing the disk space by clearing cache files, PDF files, plugins, etc. is possible with these efficient tricks. Moreover, you can choose any of the favorable methods, be it SSD upgrade, external hard drive purchase or cloud data backup, to expand the Mac storage for its further use.

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