Want To Overclock CPU? The Best Tips You Must Know

There are two ways for overclocking your CPU. Both of these ways come with their advantages and disadvantages. Before we jump into the processes, let us revisit the definition of overclocking.

What is Overclocking?

What is Overclocking
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Overclocking is simply increasing any component’s clock rate. It helps component to perform at speed greater than its pre-defined speed. For example, you can overclock CPU to obtain higher speed for extreme performance.

When you increase your CPU’s clock rate, it executes more processes per second. However, it also generates additional heat. Hence, an overclocked CPU will often need extra cooling and care.

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Why Would You Overclock Your PC?

Gamers and tech enthusiasts may want their PCs to run as quick as possible. Hence, they may use the overclocking.

Ways To Overclock CPU: –

The first way to overclocking the CPU is through the FSB.

FSB (Front Side Bus)

The FSB stands for Front Side Bus and is the most common way to overclocking the CPU. This way overclocking that everybody has access to comes with it’s own problems though. Overclocking the CPU through the FSB effectively speeds up the rest of the system. This may initially sound like a good idea but what actually happens once you’ve overclocked the CPU so far, the other components can’t keep up. Components like Ram may after be slowed down to keep up with an overclocked CPU. So what you’ve gained in CPU speed you’ll after sacrifice ram speed by declocking!

Multiplier Factor

You can also use Multiplier to overclock your CPU. This method ensures that you only overclock CPU but no other component. This allows you to have more freedom when overclocking the CPU because there will be no instabilities from the other components. This also allows to diagnose the problem a lot easier because there is no other components involved while your overclocking the CPU through the multiplier.

Though this is the preferred way to how to overclock the CPU. However, this method is only applicable for high-end CPUs. Such CPUs may cost around $1000! Hence, it’ll be your wallet that will decide how you overclock your CPU.

And that is the two ways to how to overclock the CPU.

CPU booster
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3 Tips Before You Overclock CPU

Now, though overclocking CPU is a clever way of improving performance of your computer, it has got its own demerits too. That having been said, you can easily avoid risks if you know the pitfalls of overclocking. We will help understand them. Never do these three things while you’re overclocking CPU.

  • Don’t Rush Overclocking

Whatever you do, never rush when overclocking your CPU. Overclocking takes time and impatient people tend to get bored quickly. Eventually, they take bigger leaps when overclocking their CPU. Hence, this can only end in damaging their CPU’s. So take your time. Try to be as calm as possible while overclocking your CPU for extreme performance or else contact an expert who can help you.

  • Don’t Up The Voltage Too Quickly

The biggest danger in overclocking your CPU is upping the voltage. Always up the voltage by one step. Once you’ve done that carry on overclocking your CPU till you need more voltage and if the temps are good. Then up the voltage again by one step and one only. Again, patience is the key.

  • Don’t Overclock Till You’ve Made Sure That That Your CPU Fan Is Working

Always make sure that your cooling is fully operational. We know that it sounds silly but we have known people who have overclocked and their CPU’s fan wasn’t working at all. This is a sure fire way to blowing up your CPU. So make sure that all your cooling is working before you overclock your CPU.

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You Need To Remember..

Keep all of the above-mentioned things in mind while overclocking your CPU for extreme performance. These points may seem obvious to you but are still are very critical while overclocking your CPU. Missing any one of them can certainly cause permanent damage to CPU. Wish you luck trying these CPU booster methods.


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