Waiting for Android N Update? Check Out When is Your Phone Getting the New OS

With a launch rumor to the real-time launch, Android N has successfully been able to make up big news. With more than half a year since its first news, Android N software update has finally rolled out for a few devices. To quote Android Authority, “Update, October 21: The Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus have become the first phones to get the update to Android 7.0 Nougat (after Nexuses). Meanwhile, on October 19, the developer preview of Android 7.1 was released for the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Pixel C.”

Now when Nexus, Pixel, and Moto have received the update, others are in the queue to get the update notification. While it must be a little difficult to keep up the wait, sources talk about its circulation amongst some devices by early Dec. Android Authority predicts the flow of Android N on different devices as follows:

Android N On Motorola Devices

Being a part of Google family once, Motorola devices are certain to receive Nougat earlier than others. As for now, Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus have already received Nougat update on October 21. It took just 60 days to get the update and have become the first smartphone to receive it after Nexus. Other of its devices are also expected to get it soon.

motorola smartphone

Android N On Samsung devices

Samsung devices have been a late update receiver until now. Unfortunately, this will be the same for Android 7.0 as well. The first update for Marshmallow or Android 6.0 was seen on Galaxy Note 5, almost after 5 months time-frame. Keeping that as a benchmark, Samsung devices are expected to receive the software update by late January or early February of the coming year.

Along with this, its devices have lately seen major crises by catching fire and being discontinued thereafter. This might affect the launch of Android N on Samsung devices since Galaxy was the first device amongst the huge series of Samsung smartphones, to have received the new software.

Android on Samsung

On Sony Devices

Android N would be disseminated on different Sony devices at different times. According to one leaked report by Sony, its Xperia X Performance and Xperia XZ are expected to get Android N by October. Furthermore, Xperia X and X Compact would get it in November and December would be a treat for Z5 series, Z3+ and Z4 Tablet. The new year will bring new software for Xperia XA and Ultra.

Sony device get update android n

Android Nougat On LG Devices

LG is considerably fine at receiving Android updates. It received the previous software update in a span of 4 months from its release. However, when Android 7.0 is concerned, Google has packed it up in LG V20. This is the first device to have had the honor to arrive with Android 7.0, from the box. Considering the past records and the expectations, LG might receive a software update by November 2016. The brand might also feature LG G5 as the first phone in its series to get the update.

Though this prediction has been circulated by Sony itself, however, it might be less optimistic. Based on its previous records, Xepria Z5 series, Z4 Tablet and Xperia Z3+ got Android 6.0 after 5 months. Considering this, Sony might receive Nougat for Xperias around or after mid-January.

Android N On LG Devices

On HTC Devices

HTC is another brand good at receiving Android updates. Following the previous release path, it is most likely to find an update notification in October this year. Last year, its flagship device HTC 10 came with Marshmallow out of the box. This time, the onus is expected to be on HTC 11, which might see its release in March or April 2017.

HTC Get android N Update

Nougat On Android One Devices

Ever since Google handles firmware updates for Android One devices, it is likely to receive Android N at the same time as it does for Nexus devices. OTAs or ‘over the air’ will take a few weeks or more to reach to all Android One devices, whereas factory images would be around the corner.

Android N on Android One

These predictions for top 6 brands receiving Android Nougat software update on different devices. However, the dates predicted and the real-time delivery might see some fluctuations. We hope you get this up-beating software soon!

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