Virus Alert! Klepto Zepto Ransomware is Looming Around

The devil wears a toupee! So does the Ransomware to hide its true identity. And need not to say, this is how Locky Ransomware has victimized millions of innocent users. However, it has now become an aged Ransomware. So what’s new with that?

So far, almost every week or rather say every second day a new kind of Ransomware pops up to masquerade with users’ data. Yet another one is here with the name Klepto Zepto and apparently it’s a variant of Locky. Yeah! The one which changes file extensions altogether.

Just like Locky, Klepto Zepto also encrypts the user data by changing the file extension. To give you a fair glimpse, Locky used ‘.locky’ as its extension, wherein the latter one uses ‘.zepto’ extension.

Klepto Zepto Ransomware

Using the most conventional tactic, i.e. PHISHING EMAIL, Klepto Zepto is spreading the awe all around. This newly inbred has managed to carry itself in near about 140,000 spam messages, over the last four days. Now that’s even stronger than Ramsay Snow, the evilest drama character.

Klepto Zepto hooks up with the user via a spam mail. This email has a few distinct ingredients.

  • The subject line usually is tricky, say ‘CEO’ or ‘VP of Sales’. Perhaps, this is another hoax to involve users into the vicious act.
  • Next, it mentions the requirement of some documents in the body of the mail, which the user has probably requested. (In reality, there isn’t any such requirement from the user’s side)
  • Further it has an attachment, typically a zip file that is agilely named with victim’s email address, an underscore and a random digit.

Once the apathetic Trojan is transmitted to the user’s system, it encrypts all files and changes its extension. And then the same dreary story continues. The Trojan demands around $500, payable via bitcoin with the payment time bound. If the user fails to pay the ransom in the stated time period, it doubles up the ransom money.

Variances in Klepto Zepto Ransomware:

The Ransomware is somewhat similar to Locky Ransomware. Although a different one, Klepto Zepto is better called a variant of Locky.

  • Both the Trojans use the same RSA encryption keys.
  • They level similar file types.
  • Both of these use identical ransom text.

How to avoid being a victim?

Until this date, barely any of the security software is able to help users protect from Ransomware. Down the line it calls for users’ prompt action before they fall prey to Ransomware. Data backup is the key. When you have your data safe and secure with you, none of the threats can masquerade with it. The best way to protect your data is by using Right Backup app. Right Backup is a handy and apt app to store data on cloud storage. You can install the app to keep your data safe and protected.

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