Virtual Field Trips To Enjoy With Your Kids Any Season

Field trips are the most amazing way to expose a kid to the new realities, away from the comfort of home. These trips are an eye-opener for all, as they give a new perspective to enjoy life, as well as, help one decide which direction can be taken to lead their life. But what can one do when they are stuck at home and cannot take field trips? As the pandemic situation of the world has changed everything drastically, one would not risk so early to hit a field trip. But this doesn’t even mean that you can let your precious time go in vain.

Considering all the situations in mind, be it pandemic or budget constraints, we have got you the list of best virtual field trips that you can take along with your kids and visit the world’s most wondrous places with your eyes. We have already taken you on a virtual museum tour; now, it’s time to hit other virtual field trips. Are you ready?

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Virtual Field Trips From Your Couch

1. Zoos: Virtual Field Trip To Explore The Wild

Kids love to see and know all about those animals, birds and species that they were learning in their books. It is time to watch what they are doing and how they manage their habitat. This is where you can check out at:

  • Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute: Animal webcams are online even when the zoo is closed, and you can watch the real-time activities of these animals. Choose a camera you want to go for, like Cheetah, Lion, Elephant, Panda, etc. to continue.
  • San Diego Zoo: Not just watch and learn, check out several stories, activities, games and more with San Diego Zoo.
  • Explore Live Cams: Collated from all over the world, these live cams can take you anywhere you like. Simply, choose your animal or location, watch them from your device!


2. Aquariums: Virtual Field Trip To Explore Underwater

Aquariums are a whole another world and diving into it is serene and exciting at the same time. This is one of the favorite virtual field trips as you get to explore sharks, jellyfishes, dolphins, seals, tortoises, etc. and it is captivating.

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium: Aviary, coral reef, jelly, kelp forest, penguin and even shark can be noticed with their live cameras.
  • Georgia Aquarium: Get more of Indo-Pacific barrier reef, African penguin, piranhas, etc. 
  • Explore Live Cams: Once again, we are back with Explore where you do not need to settle with aquariums alone, but real-time webcams take you deep under the ocean as well.


3. Planetarium: Virtual Field Trip For Stargazing


Aspiring scientists, geographers, astronauts love to gaze at the stars. Even if you are locked at home, you can gaze them with naked eyes, but it is best to take assistance from astronomical apps or Star Atlas web version. 

With their assistance, you can gaze at stars even in broad daylight, spend time with your loved ones and learn about various galaxies, stars, planets, and much more. I am sure you would love to see the constellations and their shapes and spend some quality time.

Virtual Field Trip For Stargazing


4. Yellowstone National Park: Virtual Field Trip To Famous Hot Geyser

Yellowstone National park is famous for its own Grand Canyon, Great Falls, Fort, and ‘Old Faithful’, the famous geyser in the park and Mud volcano. You can visit the whole park through interactive maps, learn pictorial descriptions and explore each aspect of the park virtually using live cameras. This is probably the best virtual tour for kids!

Virtual Field Trip To Famous Hot Geyser

Take the virtual tour of National Park: Yellowstone

5. Great Wall Of China: Virtual Field Trip To Grand Architecture

This virtual field trip is going to leave you awestruck without letting you feel tired. Yes, you don’t need to walk through the enormous walls of China under the scorching heat and yet able to notice the details on the wall, learn the history, look around and take screenshots. Isn’t that great?

Virtual Field Trip To Grand Architecture

Take a virtual tour of the Great Wall Of China!


6. Volcano Eruption: Virtual Field Trip To Russian Volcano


If you have always wondered how volcanoes look when there is an eruption, when hot magma flows out, and gases ooze out, this recorded virtual field trip will blow your minds away. The following video shows the eruption of Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Kamchatka. 


7. Hang Son Doong: Virtual Field Trip To World’s Largest Cave

You would be mesmerized by the grandness of this Vietnamese cave when this interactive virtual field trip by National Geographic would stick with you. Keep moving with the help of a map where it also explains the detail of caves in between. Moreover, you can hear the sounds of the river flowing inside, birds chirping and expected echoes. 

Virtual Field Trip To World’s Largest Cave

Take a virtual tour of Hang Son Doong.

8. Mars: Virtual Field Trip To Another Planet


Yes, you read it right. I am talking about the planet Mars here whose virtual field trip is possible only here! All the images are videos captured by NASA’s Curiosity Rover. Listen to the complete introduction and start exploring the red planet with the help of voice assistance, map guide and enjoy the details.

Virtual Field Trip To Another Planet

Access Mars With Google.


We hope that you have enjoyed all the virtual trips we have mentioned here, and you are making the best use of your free time or quarantine at home. Let’s just pledge to stay inside and stay safe during COVID-19, and we hope you will learn something new and exciting with the list of best virtual field trips along with your kids. 

We would like to know which one proved to be best for you in the comment section below. So shoutout, share the article with your friends and keep following us for more tech-updates.

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