Video Games with Horrible Movie Adaptations

Video games and movies certainly don’t go well together, although there have been countless games with their Hollywood adaptations and vice versa. Nevertheless, transition from game world to the movie world doesn’t always go smoothly resulting in a monstrosity that doesn’t please anyone. Sadly, and surprisingly there is no dearth of such shameless game to movie adaptations that are nothing more than seeing millions of dollars go to absolute waste. So, if you loved playing video games then it is better to never watch these horribly bad movie translations.

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1.      Doom


Whomsoever thought that the idea of translating a first-person shooter into a game is totally eligible for a Darwin award. But for some reason, the 2005 movie Doom attempts the same in a miserable fashion and consequently bombed at the box office. Although the movie makers tried to put as many game elements in the film such as ‘BFG9000’ and a ‘first-person’ scene along with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. However, the seemingly simple plot was complicated in movie and was comparable to Jason X in a lot of ways (which is certainly not a good thing for any movie).

2.      Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is certainly a legendary video game character and has appeared in her massively influential ‘Tomb Raider’ franchise. Nevertheless, all these accolades were put to shambles when Hollywood tried to turn this into a movie. Starring Angelina Jolie as the titular character, movie was plagued by extremely poor narrative, lack of memorable sequences (which is surprising looking at the games) and goofy action scenes shunned unanimously by movie goers and gamers.

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3.      Resident Evil (All the movies)

Resident Evil

While Resident Evil 6 is still the worst story associated with the franchise, the movies directed by Paul W.S Anderson seem like all the inspiration that was required. Although none of the movies bombed at the box office and managed to churn up decent revenue, they were heavily criticized by fans. The main reason being is the treatment of game heroes as side characters, along with the overpowered and unfair protagonist ‘Alice’ that audiences cannot relate or sympathize with. The movies aren’t bad if you ask, but the way these misuse the name of the legendary game franchise is something that will never settle well with fans.

4.      Dead or Alive

DOA- dead or alive

It’s ok for games to overly ‘sexualize’ their female characters as they’re not meant to be taken seriously. But what happens when you cast supermodels in a fighting video game movie? Well, that’s exactly what happened with Dead or Alive released in 2006, that turned the highly influential fighting game into something that is nothing less of an eyesore. We could go on and on about how bad this movie is. But if you want something to nip at, simply know the fact that they led some generic villain beat up the Dragon Ninja ‘Ryu Hayabusa’.

5.      The Legend of Chun Li

Legend of Chun Li

If you weren’t particularly happy about how Hollywood failed both Street Fighter and Van Damme fans with a single movie, the spin-offs don’t impress anyone either. Released in 2009, the Legend of Chun Li focuses on the titular character and attempts an origin story of sorts. However, the mediocre action scenes despite an impressive cast, along with plot that was too shallow to begin with, totally took its toll on viewers who slept through most action sequences.

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6.      Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

MK Annihilation

Now what sort of 80s kid doesn’t love the brutal yet highly entertaining video game Mortal Kombat? That certainly seemed like a trick question for Hollywood who have managed to fail this franchise miserably. The first Mortal Kombat movie wasn’t one of the greatest, but still managed to keep things fun for audiences. The sequel however, failed to uphold even that standard, especially with the goofy fighting scenes and terrible dialog. The extremely poor CGI also made this movie more of a laughter fest, rather than a true to screen version of everyone’s favorite fighting game.

7.      Need for Speed

NFS- need for speed

Why this movie is bad? Simply because ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise exists. While the NFS games have achieved legendary status when it comes to racing titles, it wouldn’t make an enticing movie. Same was seen with the Need for Speed movie that came out in 2014. The simplistic plot that involved a former race car driver who gets entangled in ‘Street racing’ sounded extremely familiar to audiences, resulting in mediocre anticipation from viewers and a predictable story.

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These movies not only upset fans of classic games, but are also considered to be some of the worst movies ever made. Some might argue that some of these movies weren’t that bad, but we all know that is totally not true. So, if you love these titles as games and wanted a good Hollywood movie about it, you must try some other planet as it’s not happening on earth.

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