Valentine’s Gifts For Geeky Couples In Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships surely aren’t easy to survive. It really takes lot of hardships and energy to keep that love going strong. We are lucky that technology has made life easier and brought our loved ones closer despite the distances. If you and your partner are tech freaks in a long-distance relationship then you are at the right place. Make your valentine’s day special this year with this carefully curated list of techy gadgets for the geek in you and your partner!

1. Pillow Talk

pillow talk

“Climb on board, we’ll go slow and high tempo, Light and dark, Hold me hard and mellow” – Pillow Talk by Zayn Malik. This song fits perfectly for this gadget. Let’s see how:

Pillow Talk is a wristband you can use to hear each other’s heartbeats. It is a real-time wristband that picks up your heartbeat and sends it to your loved ones that makes you feel more connected to your partner. In this, both the individuals have a wristband to wear to bed and a speaker to place it under your pillow. Wristband will take your heartbeat and will send it to your loved ones and it can be heard by your partner over speaker. It runs on an app that will notify you when your partner is willing to Pillow Talk you. Isn’t that romantic?

2. Taion Heart

taion heart

This gadget comes from Japan. Taion Heart is a device that makes you feel as if you are holding hands of your partner. It is a hand-held device that impersonates the impression of holding hands by using your pulse, hand’s pressure and temperature. Both the individuals should have this heart synced with their respective cell phones. As soon as you squeeze this heart, it will send information by Bluetooth to the device of your partner, which would make him/her feel as if they are holding your hand. This device vibrates and changes colors according to emotions. It’s a cool stuff to use if you are in a long-distance relationship.

3. Narrative Clip 2

narrative clip 2

Narrative Clip 2 is a small wearable camera to keep a record of your daily activities. It is made for a nice touch and share experience by recording HD videos and by capturing the precious moments. Couples, separated by distance can send their videos and pictures on the go through app. To surprise your partner with something special, buy yourself the narrative clip and send him/her the moments of your day.

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4. Kissenger


Long distance relationships just got a little bit easier with the invention of the Kissenger! It’s a robot that lets you feel the simulated kissing with your significant other through technology. Kissenger is derived from kiss plus messenger. You just kiss one of the piggy bank looking robots and then your partner kisses their robot at the same time. This will make you feel the simulated force and pressure of a kiss. This is done by using actuators and pressure sensors. It has a messaging app where you can connect with your partner. What are you waiting for? Go start kissing your partner by using Kissenger.

5. Harry Potter Snape’s Patronus Lamp

Harry potter snape's patronus lamp

In Harry Potter, when wise Headmaster Dumbledore said, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light,”. When this lamp is turned on, it casts a shadow of Snape’s Patronus Lamp with the word “always” over the wall that will make you feel that your partner is always there for you in the darkest of times. So, if you are feeling lonely and missing your partner on this valentine, turn on the light and feel brighten up.

6. Twerkbot9000


Robots are made for a specific purpose every time. But this time, an organization has come up with the DIY kit that comes with 212 laser cut pieces. When assembled, this DIY kit converts into a robot who twerks. This all is done by using a motor. Couples who are really missing dancing with partners can dance it off with this robot, as a valentine date.

Buy these gadgets to make yourself more connected to your partner and make them feel more special on this day.

To all the couples out there, wishing you a Very Happy Valentine’s Day and have a great day!!

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