Useful Tips to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

Competition amongst people and companies is getting tougher day by day. As a result, people are finding new ways to promote their business on social media. This article mentions some of the best ways in which you can do business promotion on Instagram.

1. Create an Individual Instagram Account for your Business

instagram and business

Everyone nowadays has an Instagram account, but that is for their personal use. Do you think it is wise to use the same account for business promotion on Instagram? No.

As per business perspective, no one would be willing to see your personal details. It is always advised to create an individual account if you decide to use Instagram to promote your business.

Keep these points in mind while creating an Instagram account to engage maximum customers:

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  • Website Link

While adding information to your profile data, ensure that you mention your website link in the Website field. This will help people to directly visit your official website and in turn will increase popularity and the web traffic.

  • Let others Identify your business easily

Make sure you keep your username in such a way that users can easily identify your business through it. Even your profile picture should be chosen according to business perspective.

  • Keep Bio as per Business Needs

Another thing that attracts customers is adding a proper bio to your profile. A Bio that reflects your business, clearly enables customers to get an idea about your business.

All these three points are necessary to ensure that your business profile is professional and can easily be identified by people.

2. Don’t Forget to Show Off

Instagram is famous for showing off what you have and want to offer. Just as you post your personal pictures on your Instagram profile, sharing images of what your business offers is the best means to promote business on Instagram.

Posting images not only boosts brand image, but also increases sales and helps in building trust of the customers.

Follow these few tips to make your business profile stand out:

  • Give them the liberty to choose

Instagram is a good platform to promote your business and products. But is it a good platform to sell your products? No, users should always be given the liberty to choose what they like.

Compelling them to purchase your products should never be your priority. Hence, the way you promote your business should only make users easily browse through the products you offer.

  • Add Creativity

The images you add to your Instagram business profile show should be creative and catchy. You can also add product description to the images that would make it easy for the user to understand things.  However, they should not be flashy and overpowering.

  • Cater to Professionalism

Since it is your business profile, the images you post should also be professional. Posting low-quality images poses a negative impact on your business. This will not only hamper your business image but can also be a major reason to lose customers.

3. Play Strategically

While images play an important role while using Instagram to promote your business but depending only on one factor is not the right choice.

Images will attract users at the first point but will decrease gradually. This calls for strategic planning. Plan out things that forces users to stay and use your products. Below are some ideas you can use:

Play Strategically

  • Start Hashtagging

Since we all know, feeds keep appearing on Instagram every now and then. This results in pushing your feeds down and making them old and hard to find.

Point is, feeds that are not visible to the customers makes no sense posting. To overcome this, use of hashtags is a must. Hashtags contain frequently used keywords that enhance the overall visibility of your feed.

However, avoid adding more than 4 hashtags and the ones you are using should be crisp and precise to what you want to say in your feed.

  • Sharing is Caring

Start sharing customers post. This not only increases customers belief in your brand, is also beneficial to connect with your customers.

4. Tell the customers How your Products Work

While searching for products users mostly have 2 or 3 ideas they search for. Even ways of using them are limited. If your business profile offers products that are shown in the most innovative and easy way, users will get attracted to them. This will not only increase your brand image but will also help your business increase its customer database.

5. Organize Events to Engage Users

Events are yet another way to publish your organization and products. Post images of upcoming events and invite customers to it via Instagram. Business marketing through Instagram will allow users to join these events and get an insight into your business. Make sure you make use of geo-tagging to tell the customers where the event will happen.

6. Discounts and Offers always attract Customers:

With so much of competition around, offers and discounts are one way to attract every customer. Nowadays no one settles only for quality. It should be equally accompanied by the best price tag. Offering some incentives and special discounts are essential to engage users.

7. Keep a Check on Analytics

Analytics is the means to see how well your brand is performing on Instagram. This will let you analyze your position and will thereby enable ways to enhance its popularity. Not just this, it also gives a brief about what is accepted by the customers and what they do not like.

With so many competitors, companies keep looking for ways to promote their businesses. An easy yet effective business strategy is doing business promotion on Instagram. With increasing social media addiction amongst people, this method will never fail. Read the complete article to get yourself acquainted with some of the most useful tips to use Instagram to promote your business.

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