6 Useful Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Pandora Radio

Agree or not but listening to music on the radio is a whole new experience than what it used to be. You can explore new tracks, new artists from different genres at an utmost convenience. When it comes to Internet radio service, Pandora is one name that stands still amongst all its competitors. It has completely revolutionized the way how we listen to music and our perception of radio. Pandora is one iconic service that has more than 70 million active users worldwide. The only catch associated with this service as of now is that it’s only available in the United States, but the developers are constantly working to make this app reach at various parts of the world.


Listening to the radio on Pandora is a delightful personalized experience indeed, as the app is smart enough to suggest songs as per our music taste and preferences. You can search and browse different radio stations as per your recent music activity or mood however you prefer. As we’ve stated almost all the reasons why we love this Internet radio service, here are some of the best Pandora tips and tricks to make the most of this service.

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Add Variety to your Music

Add Variety to your Music

Yes, at times we do love to hear our favorite tracks on repeat but not always, right? When you’re in a mood to explore music and if you’re annoyed with a particular radio station which is playing similar songs again and again here’s what you need to do. With the help of “Add Variety to this Station” option on Pandora, you can add more diversity to your music experience. A pop-up box will appear on the screen, here you can simply enter the name of other artists whose song you prefer to listen to this radio station.

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Upvote and Downvote

Upvote and downvote are typical Pandora terms which simply means thumbs up or thumbs down. This option can be used to tell how much you love or hate a particular soundtrack. Doing this in a practice will result in a more enhanced music experience as the app will deeply understand your music taste and preferences and can use this information to offer better song suggestions in the future.

I’m Tired of This Track

Im Tired of This Track

Pandora’s smart app algorithms are constantly at a race to personalize your music listening experience. So, in order to take more control, there’s another feature known as “I’m tired of this track” which you can use to tell Pandora when you’re completely tired of listening to a particular soundtrack. Once you’ve enabled this option, Pandora will take this particular track down from rotation so that you don’t get tired of listening to it again and again.

Skip Songs

Apart from upvote and downvote option, Pandora also offers one Skip button for users which can be used for 6 times in an hour. This can be proved out to be useful where you certainly want to bypass a particular track without judging whether you love it or hate it. The skip option will merely skip that soundtrack and the app algorithms will not keep this action in consideration while dropping in your music suggestions.

Create Stations Based on Songs

This little trick can really help in making your music listening experience more amazing on Pandora. Whenever you’re trying to create a new station on Pandora, always do it on the basis of songs and not artists. Creating a station based on the artist will narrow down your discoveries to a huge level so just avoid it as much as you can.

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Share Your Playlists with Friends

Share Your Playlists with Friends

Sharing your favorite soundtracks and playlists with your friends can multiply your happiness—indeed! Simply hover over any radio station or playlist which you would like to share with your friends and tap the “Share” button on the left menu. Enter a personalized message, and then again tap the “Share” button to confirm your action. From this point onwards, your playlists will be accessible to all your Pandora friends and they can listen to your favorite tracks anytime.

Here were some of the best Pandora tips and tricks to make the most of this Internet radio listening service. We hope that this service soon rolls out to various parts of the world so that more and more users can avail the benefits (Fingers crossed).

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