Useful Tips And Tricks For Google Pixel 2 Camera

Google’s new Pixel 2 series has finally set a tough competition for the new Apple iPhone. In terms of camera quality and features it indeed gives a tough competition to iPhone X. Both the smartphones by Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have top notch features, making Pixel 2 series a must-have for mobile lovers.

One outstanding feature that cannot be missed at all is the camera that both the phones deliver.

Ample of new features that have been introduced in both the phones include the Portrait mode, Motion Photos, HDR etc.

In this article, we have tried to include some of the amazing tips and tricks that will enhance your experience while taking pics from Google Pixel 2. So, let’s get started!

1. Portrait Mode

Portrait mode is the best feature of Google Pixel 2 smartphone. The awesome single camera with its amazing software easily manages to blur the background and provides depth to the images. Pictures clicked in the Portrait mode are simply awesome and one cannot ask for anything better than this.

portrait mode

Img Credit: Cnet

Portrait Mode can easily be chosen from the default camera screen by clicking on the hamburger icon present on the top left corner.

After choosing the Portrait mode, have a clear subject and focus on it. It is said that closer subject tends to get captured more beautifully. The reason being closer objects makes the blurring effect more effective.

 Pixel 2 gives you two images while clicking pictures in Portrait Mode. The first picture includes the depth and the blurring effects. However, the other is simply a thumbnail that does not contain any effects applied.

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2. Motion Photos

Another interesting feature of Pixel 2 camera is Motion Photos. This feature is similar to the Apple’s Live Photos.

Motion Photos is basically a feature that records video for a few seconds before and after the picture is captured. This usually happens with the object in focus is moving and not static.

In case you do not want this feature, you can easily enable or disable it as per needs. For this simply tap the small circle icon present inside the ring.

The motion picture icon gets displayed for pictures clicked using this feature. These pictures can be easily saved as images or video files as per user requirements.

motion photos

3. Face Retouching

It’s always good to get yourself a nifty touch up and why not when it’s an inbuilt feature Google Pixel 2. The Face Retouching feature is available when taking selfies or to say it is only available with the front camera and not the rear camera.

Face retouching

When switched to the front camera, the feature automatically appears on the top of the screen and easily removes all the noise enhancing your facial features and skin tone.

4. Save Location

This little effective feature lets you remember the location where the picture was captured. To turn on the location settings, navigate to the Settings in the camera and then toggle on the Save Location option.

The option can easily be disabled when not required.

Save location

5. Smartburst

Another smart feature of Pixel 2 is Smartburst. With Smartburst you do not have to worry if your object to be captured is in motion or even if you are moving when capturing any picture. Simply long press the shutter button and it will click many pictures at one time. When ample of pictures are clicked at one time it becomes easy to choose the best from a lot. All the pictures clicked using Smartburst feature are saved in gallery from where they can be seen and shortlisted.


6. Double-Tap to Zoom

Double-Tap to zoom is another useful feature of the Pixel 2 camera. Using this feature, you can zoom any object by simply tapping the home screen of the camera twice.

To have this option enabled, navigate to Settings > Gestures tab > toggle on Double-tap to zoom.

double tap zoom

Once this feature is enabled while clicking any picture if you double tap on the screen, a slider will appear from where the zoom can be easily adjusted.

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7. Volume key Action

There is another feature called Volume key action that lets you customize the key options in accordance with volume whenever you capture any picture.

volume key action

The Volume key action feature can be set for any of these three options: Shutter, Zoom or Volume.

You can set it easily by navigating to Settings > Gestures > Volume key action.

8. Make Use of Grid Lines

Google Pixel 2 provides 3 grid options while taking pictures. These are 3×34×4, and Golden Ratio. These grid ratios prove to provide different breadth and width ratios where the most commonly used ratio is 3X3.

Putting the subject on any of the grid lines or intersecting grid lines gives a better composition.

grid lines

9. Increase the Panorama Resolution

Panorama is one of the most used feature nowadays. With Google Pixel 2 you can capture amazing pictures in the Panorama mode. By default, the Panorama feature is set to default which however can be set to different resolutions namely, High, Normal and Low. Higher the resolution mode, more detailed is the picture.

To change the mode simply navigate to Settings > Panorama resolution and then choose amongst the three options.

paronama resolution

10. Avoid Flash

Google Pixel 2 is known for the awesome picture quality even in low light conditions. Since It is capable of producing excellent images in low light use of flash is not necessary all the times.

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With all these amazing features that Google Pixel 2 camera offers, you really do not need a high end DSLR. Make use of all the amazing features and click pictures that you will love.

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