Use New Gestures To Cut, Copy, And Paste Text In iPhone

The latest iOS 13 updates in iPhones come with a vast variety of features, most notably in image editing, the long-awaited dark mode, a radio, and Siri shortcuts. These iOS 13 features revamped all the iOS compatible devices that are iPhones and iPod Touch. The same features were included in the lately rebranded iPadOS which is exclusively designed for iPads. While earlier iPads were powered by same iOS versions as in iPhones, Apple decided to pave a different path for future iPad models, focused vastly on extensive multi-tasking, as well as drag ‘n’ drop features.

Among the long list of latest iOS 13 features, is the new take on text editing and selection. While earlier iPhone text editing worked as same as other mobile phones, iOS 13 has added a new element to it. With the new iPhone models powered by iOS 13, you’d be able to select and edit the text using your finger-gestures.

iPhone and Text Editing Gestures

iPhone and Text Editing Gestures

You might remember that odd gesture where you’d have to shake your phone to undo a text editing command you executed on your iPhone or iPad. I don’t see how shaking your phone to undo a written line of text is a useful gesture for any iPhone user. There are phones that light up the camera flash if you shake your phone, but it’s confusing why would anyone want to shake his/her phone while typing instead of undoing the last command in a few taps?

Fortunately, this unusual gesture won’t be your concern since Apple has decided to give text editing right in your three-fingers. How? Read ahead.

How to Copy and Paste in iOS 13 Supported Devices using Gestures?

Let’s see how the new iPhone gestures are making text editing easier than ever:

Step 1: Select the Text you wish to Copy, Cut or Paste.

  • To use the new iOS feature of text editing, you must begin with highlighting the concerned line of text.

ios 13

  • For that, you use the old-school method of tap & hold and then spread. Select a portion of a text, and then slide your fingers to the desired ends and spread the highlight.

Step 2: Copy the Highlighted Text

  • To copy the selected text, place your two fingers and thumb on the screen. Now pinch them towards the inside, making a pinching-in motion.

copy in ios13

  • This is the gesture for copying a text. To confirm, copy command would pop-up on your screen at the top (boxed in red).

Step 3: Paste Selected Text

  • Take the Cursor to the Position you want the copied text pasted.
  • Make a pinching-out motion; means, spread your thumb and two fingers to the outside in a pinching movement.

paste in ios13

  • You’ll see a Paste pop-up as well on the top (boxed in red) to confirm you made the right gesture.

These iPhone gestures are not exclusive, but works on all iOS 13 compatible devices, as well as iPadOS supported iPads. The latest iOS 13 feature in text editing also allows a “Cut & Paste” action using a similar finger-gesture. Let’s take a look at that:

How to use Cut and Paste iOS 13 Feature?

Once you’ve selected the text as in Step 1 above, you need to make a similar gesture as in “Copy” with a slight change.

Make a pinching-in motion as in Step 2 above, only TWICE.

cut in ios 13

While making that motion once copies the text, if you make two fast pinching-in movements using your fingers and thumb, you’ll execute a Cut command. The command would be confirmed by a pop-up (as boxed in red).

To paste you need to make a pinching-out motion as in Step 3.

Image Source: Life Hacker

It might take some time for users to get used to these gestures. It gets a bit tricky to position our large fingers on the screen and makes the right move at once. But in a few moves, you’ll perfect the art of copying and pasting text on iOS 13 supported devices using new iPhone gestures. Moreover, don’t think this feature works for Notes on iPhone only. You can copy, cut, and paste text from webpages, PDFs, documents, etc. as well using this iOS 13 feature.

Apple is constantly filling up iOS 13 updates with new features, some of which are also reflected in the new iPad OS as well. This new feature is an addition to Apple’s new efforts towards automating all small and big tasks on iOS 13 compatible devices. With the new iPhone 11, iOS 13 features would bring newness to operating iPhones.

Go ahead and use the new gestures feature on iOS 13 supported devices and let us know whether this new text-editing style comes handy or not. For more updates on the new iOS 13 updates and all your tech. solutions, follow Facebook and Twitter. Have us on social media feeds and never miss any update!

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