Upgrading to OS Sierra? Here Are Some Things You Need to Know

Apple is going absolutely bonkers with consecutive releases this year. We recently saw the brand new iWatch and iPhone 7 get their grand introduction, taking gizmo-heads and Apple fans by storm. In their latest reveal, Apple have released their next generation operating system named OS Sierra. The beta versions had already been floating since June and the full release is downloadable for free at the Mac App Store.

The brand new operating system also drops the ‘OS X’ label and unlike its predecessor OS X Capitan and is simply named as macOS Sierra. But name isn’t the only change users will get to see. The new OS Sierra is updated with various new functions and tools under its belt that will reinforce its next-gen status as an operating system. So with its several new undiscovered functions, most of you might be eager to upgrade. But before you start your download, here are some things that you might need to know about macOS Sierra.

Before Installing


  • Downloading and Installation Time – On an average internet connection the Sierra update will take around 2 hours to download, with additional 45 minutes for installation. During the installation time, your computer will not be useable and you will have to wait for the installation to complete before you can use it.
  • Won’t Work for Obsolete Devices/System – If you’re using any device or system that was purchased prior to 2009, there’s a high chance that it will be incompatible with the latest macOS. This might sound like a bummer to owners using old devices, but that is how technology works.
  • Few Apps Won’t Work – Since this a brand new launch, you might encounter some compatibility problems while using certain applications and hardware accessories. Therefore, it is important that you check the compatibility beforehand for your most used applications.
  • Don’t Forget to Backup – There haven’t been any reports of data loss or problems with the new update. But it is always a wise choice to create a backup of your important file before you attempt to install this.

What’s New with OS Sierra?

The new operating system brings forth several new changes to the previous versions. Hence it would be better if users would do some proper research before using these new functions. Nevertheless, we’ve compiled a list of some brand new features that define OS Sierra.

  • Siri Comes to Desktop

One of the most highlighted features on the new OS is the inclusion of Apple’s famous A.I. assistant Siri for Mac users. This could open up a huge number of possibilities for how people use computers and certainly makes Sierra one of the most advanced operating systems in existence. Siri can be directed to perform several tasks such as searches, sending emails, opening applications and find things of interest etc. A voice controlled computer is certainly one of the best works of technology released this year, thanks to the latest OS Sierra.


  • New Photo Library Features

The Photos app has been given a major overhaul and the contents will now be grouped in events based on their metadata. This not only makes easy for you to find an image clicked on a particular date, but you can also create quick slideshows and add music for dramatic effect. Moreover, you can also use facial recognition to find any photographs on your system.


  • Copy and Paste from Other Devices

A shared clipboard for all your Apple devices sounds like a fancy gimmick but is more practical than you can imagine. iPhone with the latest iOS and Mac with OS Sierra can share universal clipboard, allowing you to copy any text, file or document on your iPhone (or other iOS devices) and paste it on Mac. There are a handful of apps that can help you do the same on older versions as well, but aren’t as seamless as featured on the new Apple OS.


  • Unlock Computer with Apple Watch

This feature might make you appear like a consumerist bigot but since it’s Apple so spending more for better features is a part and parcel of their game. Sierra OS eliminates the need for typing in a login password to unlock your computer. Instead, the same can be achieved automatically by integrating your Mac with iWatch. More of a marketing gimmick than a practical function we’d say.

  • Simplified Music Player

In our personal opinion, Apple iTunes is one of the greatest music player/manager available for computers. But with OS Sierra, Apple have tried to make it much easier by simplifying the user interface. The simplified tab panel comprises of ‘Library’, ‘Browse’, ‘Radio’ and ‘For You’ tabs. The ‘For You’ tab is a brand new addition that helps you find new music based on your tastes.


  • Storage Space Optimization

You might have already faced the dreaded ‘storage space full’ message on your Mac. Well, Apple’s new OS brings several new storage optimization options that will help you create additional space on your system’s hard disk. The Optimized Storage feature takes all the files and applications that you don’t use often and puts them on the iCloud instead of your Mac. Additionally, it will also give you frequent reminders to remove any old installation files and duplicate data to create additional space.


  • Apple Pay Integration

Digital wallets sure haven’t picked up users, but Apple still considers it worthy of their new operating system. You can now use Apple pay to make direct purchases on various webpages registered to accept payments via this feature. The confirmation for orders is authenticated through an iWatch or iPhone.


  • Floating Windows

Want to watch a video tutorial while working on Photoshop? OS Sierra makes that possible by introducing Picture-in-Picture mode that helps you to multi-task more freely. You can now play the video/slideshow/image in a floating window, which can be resized and moved across the screen according to your convenience.


The above list might not include all the new features for macOS Sierra, but the features that would make a huge difference from older versions. We’re still in the middle of testing it for hidden features, so you might get to see new updates soon.

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