Upcoming Video Game Movies That Should Not Suck

The Assassin’s Creed movie released earlier this year was certainly disappointing and failed to thrill even casual moviegoers. Having said this, we’ve seen several great comic-book to movie adaptations including the newly revitalized superhero genre. In spite of that, there has been a serious dearth of great video game movie adaptations. Some movies like the first Mortal Kombat and Silent Hill did seem like a start for something good.

However we’re still hoping for game changers that could usher a new era of awesome movie adaptations of games. And since we’re hopeful of such an era, we’ve also brought together a short list of upcoming video game movies that could become major blockbusters.

  1. Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

Although hollywood has already tried their hands on Tomb Raider franchise with two not-so-bad movies, fans certainly want more. Especially after the release of a rebooted Tomb Raider game in 2013 that was critically acclaimed by both fans and other gamers, speculations about a movie adaptations gained strength. Finally, it was announced that a movie adaptation of the 2013 game would be made with Swedish actress Alicia Vikander playing the titular character. The movie is set for its release in 2018 and will be directed by Roar Uthaug under Warner Bros. Pictures.

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  1. Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs

What happens when you mix a ‘Jackie Chan Police Story’-esque plot with some serious martial arts action? Well the 2012 video game ‘Sleeping Dogs’ did exactly that, as it put players in control of an undercover cop who must infiltrate underworld Triads in China. This certainly makes it a great plot for a movie adaptation. But what’s even more enticing is the presence of actor Donnie Yen that has totally changed the schematics of this project. Yen being one of the hottest action movie stars in Hong Kong, Sleeping Dogs movie has all the potential to become an action-classic.

  1. God of War


Greek Mythology in movies and games was something that had run its course before the release of God of War for Playstation 2 in 2005. The story was set in ancient Greece and the plot involved a re-imagined Greek mythology that focused on a Spartan warrior named Kratos as he’s assigned to kill Ares the Greek God of War. The game not only spawned a series of highly successful titles, but also re-told various events from the Greek mythology. The story of Kratos’ revenge is a definitive win if they make a decent adaptation. Nevertheless, fans can only wait till official announcements are made.

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  1. The Last of Us

The Last of Us

An award winning survival horror title by Naughty Dog studios, Last of Us was released for the Playstation 3 where players must survive in a post-apocalyptic setting. The game’s story and gameplay were praised by both gamers and critics, with speculations about Sam Raimi heading a movie adaptation. However, the project is currently stuck in development hell and there are rumors about the shooting scheduled for 2018. Whatever the case is, we’re sure a good take on this story and plot will make for a highly engrossing hollywood adventure. We hope they star Ellen Page and Hugh Jackman in the lead!

  1. Mortal Kombat Reboot

Mortal Kombat Reboot

While the first Mortal Kombat movie released in 1995 was well received by fans, the sequel Mortal Kombat : Annihilation totally ruined plans for any possible follow-ups. Nevertheless, Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short film aired on Youtube surely excited everybody with a ballsy cast of actors and a re-imagined storyline that was far more realistic than anything featured in games. Sadly, despite of MK co-creator Ed Boon really happy with the short film teaser, the movie is currently stuck in developmental hell with hardly any news or speculations about the release. However looking at the short teaser, the movie shows a lot of promise and will certainly be a great watch if this project ever comes to pass.

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Although several names from above list haven’t been officially announced, they would certainly make cinematic history if adapted properly. We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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