Unrevealed Apple Watch Series 3 features: How to use them

Never underestimate anything tiny, since they can be much more useful than the bigger ones. Along with iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone 10, Apple Watch 3 series  was also launched. But the most talked about is iPhone X for its price, features, specs and what not. No one is focusing on Apple Watch 3 why? Is it because it is small as compared with iPhone or its considered only as an accessory?

Apple Watch

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If that’s the case then you are wrong, there’s lot more you can do with this little device, then with your expensive iPhone.

iPhone X has copied out Apple Watch’s design in some way or the other- both have no home button, both have edge to edge display, and both offer astonishing amount of functionality without providing much physical controls.

Do you know Apple Watch has a side button, which can be used to switch it on and off, also there are various tricks you can try. It also has a Digital Crown which provides unique interface to Apple Watch.

It’s not possible for the fruit-inspired tech firm to disclose all the features in one event. Therefore, we need to dig in and know the hidden features which are very useful and ads more value to the device.

So, let’s know these controls and their usage.

The old Button

The old button

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The only traditional think of the watch is an old-style power button which is not only used to power on and off the smartwatch, but also controls Dock and backup features.

Usage of the Button

Obviously, the first and foremost use is to power on your watch. Simply press and hold the button to power on the watch.

To access power screen follow the same procedure, press and hold the button to view the list of all available options.

To disable or enable Power Reserve mode press and hold down the side button.

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What is Power Reserve Mode?

What is Power Reserve Mode.png

When watches battery is about to drain out, it automatically switches to Power Reserve mode. In this mode user can only see the time, to restore the complete functionality you need to connect it to the charger.

There is no preventive Power Reserve mode, offered by Apple which you can use, if you know battery is about to run out. However, you can manually enable the mode, save battery and when full functionality is required, you just need to press and hold the side button.

The Hidden Feature – Medical ID or SOS

Medical ID or SOS

Apple Watch has Medical ID and SOS features, buried behind the power screen.

To access them press and hold the side button.

To activate this feature swipe either Medical ID or SOS.

Warning: Once you swipe SOS a call to local authorities is made, therefore you should use it wisely and in case of emergency.

Ease of Access

Frequently-used apps are stored in the Dock. To access them press the side button for once and you are all set.

Send money using Apple Pay

Send money using Apple Pay

Note: To use it, firstly you need to set up Apple Pay, give it a passcode, and unlock it to use this feature.

Apple Pay, turns your Apple Watch into a digital card which can be used at tap-to-pay terminals for purchases.  Apple Watch uses skin contact and the watch has to be unlocked to accept the purchase.

To bring up Apple Pay interface double-press the side button and tap your watch to the terminal.

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The Cardinal Crown

The Cardinal Crown

The most visible feature of Apple Watch is its Digital Crown which can be used to scroll and to preform multiple tasks. Here are the different features of the crown that you are not aware off.

Wake up your watch in a Scroll

Wake up your watch in a scroll

Too tired to lift your wrist, just press the watch’s Crown to see the display.

You can even scroll up the crown to awaken it slowly and have bright screen. A quick way to have a look at the time and notifications when in a dark place.

Go backward and forward in digital time with Time Travel

Go backward and forward in digital time with Time Travel

If you have active watch faces, you can enable Time Travel feature just by scrolling the Digital Crown up or down. Using this feature, you can virtually “travel” forth or back in time and view your schedules, time spent on exercising, how long will it take for charging to finish.

You need to activate Time Travel on Apple Watch, if turned off like in watchOS 3. To do so, follow the steps below:

Open the watch app on the iPhone which is paired > select the clock settings > Now toggle Time Travel to enable it.

My watch

You even view Astronomy face with the Apple watch.

WatchOS 4’s new watch face: Kaleidoscope

With watchOS 4’s you can now create your own Kaleidoscope face using your watch. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the current watch face on the watch
  2. Press hard on the watch face then scroll to the right and tap New

watch face3. Now, scroll until you find Kaleidoscope option and tap then tap on Kaleidoscope face.

Kaleidoscope option4. To enter the edit mode, press hard on the watch face.

5. Next, hit Customize and choose the preset photo and then choose Kaleidoscope style.

Kaleidoscope style6. Now select the Complications and press Digital crown once done.

digital crown

Img src: imore

Apple Watch 3 even have Siri and Solar watch face.

You can use Digital Crown to view the content on the watch screen and to locate any app on the watch.



You can water lock your watch from getting damaged using the Digital Crown. To do so, just scroll it up until blue bubble fills up on the screen and you hear a ping sound from the watch’s speaker.

Come back to the home Screen

Come back to the home screen

Returning to active watch face or to the full watch list is easy, simply press the Digital Crown and come back to where you want.

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Shift Between Interfaces

Shift between interfaces

To switch between currently active apps in succession double press the Digital Crown. However, if only a single app is open, you will be shifted between the running app and your watch face.

Activate Siri

To trigger the most amazing voice assistant, press and hold the Digital Crown. Alternatively, ig you have enabled Siri via the Watch app on your iPhone you bring it up by raising your wrist and saying “Hey Siri!”

Activate Siri

Button Combos

Apple Watch may be considered as a normal smartwatch but it gives some extra functionality. You just need to know the right button combinations to use it.

Take a Snapshot


As you can take screenshot in iPhone in the similar manner you can do it on an Apple Watch. What you need to do is simply, press the Digital Crown with your thumb and at the same time slightly press the side button too. All the screenshots taken will be saved to the Photos app on your iPhone.

Restart your Apple Watch

Using the button combo, you can force quit an unresponsive app or can restart your watch.

Restart your Apple Watch

To force quit an app, keeping pressing the side button until the power screen is displayed, now press and hold on the Digital Crown till you return to the watch face.


To force restart the watch, press and hold side button and Digital Crown together, wait for the screen to turn dark and Apple logo to appear.

Till now, we know how to use the Side button, Digital Crown, now let’s learn about what can be done with a simple touch. As all the multitouch devices works on a swipe action so does the Apple Watch.

Swipe up to view Control Center

Swipe up to view Control Center

Swipe down to view notifications

Swipe down to view notifications

To delete swipe up or sideways

To activate Force Touch press down. It is used by developers to avoid cluttering the screen and hide additional app options. You can also change the app view from list to grid or vice versa. To do so open the apps list and then press down on screen. This will show list or grid view option

To delete swipe up or sideways

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These tips will surely help you to use your Apple Watch to its best. You now know not merely a watch it is more than that. Sometimes we just need to explore the hidden features to make best use of the device we use.

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