5 Unavoidable Warning Signs Your Computer Is Going To Crash (& What To Do)!

It is an annoying situation when your computer crashes and brings a halt to the workspace. But the major disturbing cause is accidental data loss thanks to unexpected crashes and freezes. Think about the documents, files, pictures, videos, movies and much more which can just get lost in the blink of an eye.

It is thus better to be precautious and learn the warning signs before the computer actually stops working without warning. If you do not want the precious saved files to swish away, keep an eye on the signs and check their solution below.

computer is crashing

Warning 1: Poor Software Performance

If someone tells you that your laptop or computer keeps freezing because the hardware is not performing well, he may be only partially correct. Sometimes the software is not able to run due to low processing power of the computer.

What Can I Do?

You have two options here! Get your disk space enlarged with better RAM or avoid opening multiple applications on your PC at the same time. In such cases it is better to get your disk space analyzed.

Warning 2: Poor Hardware Performance

If your system has been running with crawling speed for some time, be sure that it will be crash sooner. There are several other causes within the computer including a noisy system fan or hard drive. Do not ignore if these components are making a weird sound for a long time. Along with that, make sure that your PC is not heating up again and again. If these signs have prolonged, it is a potent warning sign.

What Can I Do?

Many monitoring tools are present online to check the temperature of your CPU & GPU to prevent overheating. Install any one of them and get the details now.

Moreover, if you are confident enough, open up the system and clean the dirt cautiously using canned compressed air.

Warning 3: Boot Errors

You may say that constant boot errors are very common in the system process but remember that an increasing number of errors is taking your system towards crashing. ‘Boot device not found’ or ‘Unable to Boot Error 0xc00000e9’ are such errors that you may notice that shall not be sidelined.

What Can I Do?

Repair your computer after inserting a flash drive in PC and rebooting it. If the case doesn’t work well, be prepared to reinstall the operating system.

Before reinstalling, don’t forget to take Systweak Right Backup for Windows as well as Mac. You can retrieve all your documents and files from the software and enjoy the experience seamlessly.


Warning 4: File Corruption

There might be some apps in your PC that constantly give File & Program corruption errors. Or they do not work regularly with smoothness. Reasons for such error could range from malware, corrupt drive, issues in internal components and more.

What Can I Do?

Keeping an anti-malware is already a must before anything else runs on your computer. From McAfee to Avast, you have a range of anti-malware to escape from virus attack. If you are a Mac user, Systweak Anti-Malware is the right tool.

Along with this, do not forget to open the desired app in the appropriate software so as to avoid unnecessary errors.

Warning 5: Conflict Between Hardware

In this case, two software might be using one hardware component at the same time causing a conflict. This problem may occur with one app but not in another, and here comes another cause of computer freezing. The app may crash at last bringing the situation to an end with ‘Blue Screen of Death’. We are sure you do not want that!

What Can I Do?

Open Device manager app on your Windows PC or System Information in Mac and analyze if any warning or yellow exclamation mark has been denoted. If you find any application creating baffles within, reinstall after deleting them.

What If The Computer Crashes?

If all the warning signs have been avoided lately and the computer has crashed within no time, we believe that your data might have vanished! But do not panic as you can recover the lost data with third-party software.

Systweak also offers an option for Windows in the name of Advanced Disk Recovery. This software deeply scans and recovers all types of files without any hassle.

Keep your computer away from crashing with these warning signs and update PC with better software in advance. It would be great to stay cautious not just before your computer freezes but even post the same. Keep checking the errors and eye any other serious threat, if any.

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