Ubisoft Indicts Apple and Google Over Suspicion to Copycat Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft, the well-known French video game company, accuses Apple and Google of selling a rip-off of its popular multiplayer game Rainbow Six Siege. We’ve seen original publishers raising charges against the company that rips-off. But seeing a publisher prosecuting the hosting platform of the offending title is uncommon.

This is what is happening in a case of Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege, also known as R6S.  According to a recent report, Ubisoft indicts charges against Apple and Google for hosting Area F2, a multiplayer shooter game created by Alibaba & its website Ejoy.com.

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This game was released in the U.S. last month.

What is The Accusation?

Ubisoft claims that Area F2 is a copycat of Rainbow Six: Siege, and before filing the lawsuit, Ubisoft informed Google and Apple about game infringement. Since none of the companies took any step, they had to file a lawsuit against them to get justice.

Area F2 virtually copies all aspects of R6S from operator selection screen to final scoring screen. Everything is imitated.

Due to this, the company had to take this action.

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What is Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege is a multiplayer game about counter-terrorism and is based on Clancy’s novel. With over 55 million registered players globally, daily, about 3 million people play this game. Not only this, but R6S is also performed as a competitive esport, with professional and semi-professional teams contending for millions of dollars in the prize.

Since it is one of the most robust revenue generators, all this is done to gain attention, popularity, and money of R6S players; all this takes place through microtransactions for new operators and other content.  As there is no sequel for the game, and it continues to grab users via updates, all this makes sense.

However, later this year, we might see Rainbow Six Quarantine.

What do Area F2 copies?

According to Ubisoft’s suit, AF2 copies the user interface, the final score screen, and the operator selection screen. It is currently available in the United States on mobile devices, while Rainbow Six Siege is available only for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

It seems both Apple and Google aren’t listening to Ubisoft because of the In-App Purchase cut they get to keep. But this doesn’t mean they can do anything, keep your eyes open. Now that the lawsuit is out, both companies will have to answer either by removing the app or verbally. After the success of this suit, if you see more such cases, don’t be surprised.

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