Twitter Update: Add Photos, Videos, And GIFs To Retweets

The much-awaited feature from Twitter has been rolled out. Now Twitter lets you add photos, videos and GIFs to the retweets. Twitter announced its latest update on May 6, 2019, with retweets on the platform. With this new lucrative update along with several others, Twitteratis are loving the platform more. This was the most requested feature by the Users. A large number of users desired to add the GIFs to the Retweet. Also, masses were interested in being able to Retweet with the photos and video uploads.

Netizens are particularly happy about the update as it has been rolling on a small scale as a test from one year. And if you have seen people using this unique feature that you were not quite sure how to use it on your account. Don’t be the envy of them as you are now free to have this feature with you on your phone.

Twitter has this update for mobile web browsers and the app on Android and iOS. You can soon see this module working out on desktop web browsers too. As Twitter doesn’t want its users to wait for this to work for those who are using the platform on Desktops.

The new feature has already increased user engagement on the platform as big brands and celebrities are trying it out and finding it amusing.

How it works:

As simple as it sounds, it’s not hard to understand that you can now retweet posts with a comments that includes photographs, videos, and GIFs as well. All you have to do is choose an option to express your take on it or your side of the reaction on the tweet.

Once you are sure to Retweet a particular post on Twitter, you click on the Repost button, now you see two options:

Retweet post on Twitter1. Retweet

This retweets the post as it is with the name of the user and its original Tweet with a sign which says retweet from XYZ.

2. Retweet with comment

Retweet with comment

When you choose to “Retweet with a comment” this takes you to a page which shows you to write your comment above the original Tweet. Whereas below that, you can see two icons for adding images and GIFs.

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How to add images to Retweet

When you want to add images, all you have to do is click on the Image icon and you can quickly add a photo from your phone gallery.

add images to Retweet

Twitter allows you to add up to four images on each Retweet. It also provides you with a tool to edit the images one by one.

Once you are done, click on Retweet.

How to add videos to Retweet

This is again very simple to use, just to add a video to your Retweet. In a similar fashion, you have to go to the icon of Media files below the original Tweet and gallery opens up and there you can add up to one video file.

How to add GIFs to Retweet

To add a GIF to your Retweet, all you need to do is get to the Icon of GIF, and then you have an array of the options provided to choose from.

add GIF to retweetThe relevant GIF will now appear with the Retweet and you can still add a comment above it. This makes it fun to use now so, Twitterati are up to show their creativity with this feature.


Do not forget to update your apps on Android and iOS before trying out this feature. And for the mobile browsers, this update is visible instantly. Please let us know in the comments what are you about to Retweet with photos, videos or GIFs. Happy Retweeting!

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