Twitter Introduces Data Optimized Version for Mobile Users

Twitter provides its services to a wide range of users as it is one of the leading social media platforms currently. However, using its smartphone app effects the battery life as the app is too content heavy. Therefore, an intelligible solution is unveiled by Twitter called “Twitter Lite”.

A web based app which focuses on saving battery life and useful for limited or slower internet connection users.

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Twitter lite is a browser-based, data optimized version of Twitter service, which can be accessed via It takes up just 1 MB of space on your device thus saving storage space. Also the light weighted app, launches 30 percent then the standard app and saves 70 percent of mobile data.

Google Chrome users on Android get to use additional features, like receiving push notifications.

Offline Functionality

Twitter Lite works offline and it can be used even when the connection is lost (without giving news tweets, of course).

Targeting slower mobile connections

Twitter hasn’t had anything like the success in past years like its competitor. Therefore, to attract new users it is now focusing on countries with slower 2G mobile connections. As these countries have huge online users, but due to slow connection they avoid using heavy apps.

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Twitter’s new app will solve all these problem and will provide real time updates of what’s happening around us.  To access the app you don’t need an e mail account or fast internet connection. Users will be able to view live score and cricket updates, latest news even at slow connections.

Twitter being the news centric app will become more powerful in emerging market with its web based app.

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 What is Data Saver mode, how to turn it on?

Date Saver mode allows user to preview images and videos without downloading them, thus reducing data usage. However it will be a low quality preview of images.

To turn on Data Saver mode:

  1. Open
  2. Login to your twitter account
  3. Now, tap on your profile picture
  4. Here, you will see Data Saver option slide the button to turn it on


How to view higher quality version of images?

As the app focuses on being light weighted, therefore at first glance images will be blurred. To view them clearly tap on any image to load and view it.


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