Transcription: A Help Mate For All

In a world filled with disorganization and a slumped economy, means of generating employment seem to be bleak. As the world moves towards decentralized currency, banks and even government sectors, how can jobs remain mainstream?

Transcription: A New Sector of Employment

What exactly is transcription? How does its market work?

Transcription is basically converting audio and video files into texts. This job can be done at home or even in the garage which you converted into your personal office. All you need is a home PC, Internet connection and good quality headsets to get started.

The many different types of people who like to get transcription work done are either students who want transcription of the lecture that they have recorded and professors who speak out the lecture, and then want to send it as a word format file in student emails. The other section seeking out transcriptors are corporate businessmen who need minutes of their meetings or a detailed record of a client call. These can be long files that run into hours in total length.


The market to search work as a transcriptor is very similar to hunting a free-lance job. There are two types of transcriptors. Those who do the work manually (playing, hearing, pausing, typing, repeat) and those who do so with the help of apps and software.

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Social media is helping bridge the gap between clients and small-scale entrepreneurs, hence it becomes very easy to find and get such jobs.  Keep your keywords neat and specific to what type or length of transcription you are willing to undertake. Be assured. Each and every minute matters. You are going to be charging by it!

What’s The Potential Growth in This Sector?

There are many different divisions that are now opening their doors for transcriptors. A few of them are mentioned below.

  • Marketing: Search Engine Organisers (SEO) are on the lookout for Transcriptors as they help in increasing the rank of their content with the aid of subtitles. It helps them in reaching a greater range of audience and generating more revenue.
    google seo
  • Accessibility: For the Deaf community and the hard of hearing, or the new learners of the English Language it helps in relating more to the content. This accessibility is provided in Television Channels and Movie Channels. The comfort of understanding what is being said on the screen goes a long way in generating a fan base within the audience.
  • Sound ban: When people travel they usually plug in their headphones and listen to songs or watch videos on their cell phones. In places where there is a complete sound ban e.g. Hospitals or libraries, interviews or podcasts can be read via text files. This has enough potential to grow as a market because many would rather read an interview and generate their own interpretation.
    sound ban

There are many apps that are available in the market. A few of them have been mentioned below. Use one which suits your need the best.

Apps Where You Type?

  • Inqscribe:


This application offers to you a simple interface and easy to use options. Simply, add the video file or the audio file that you want to transcribe and start typing. This helps as your hands do not have to leave the keyboard to stop, play or pause the audio/video file. Just start typing and the video pauses till you are done. You can also add timestamps which can later be used as replays for the Audio/Video. It is easily compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. You can download it here

  • HyperTranscribe:

hyper transcribe

An amazing and easy to use application which is compatible with Windows and Mac. Researchware brings to us another winner. HyperTranscribe offers keyboard shortcuts with which it becomes easier for us to convert in to text any format of audio/video. With the help of time stamps, we can pinpoint on the timeline the many different places we want to edit the script. You can download it here

Now for the applications that do your work for you:

  • Dragon Speech Recognition Software:

dragon speech recognition software

Offering a very high rate in vocal recognition, Dragon Speech Recognition Software is synonymous with transcription on a professional level. Though you will need to buy this software, but it shall give you returns tenfold as it has the fastest speed of transcribing an audio file into text. Easily compatible with Windows/Mac you can buy the software here

  • Go Transcribe:

go transcribe

Offering the option of conversion with ease and comfort of just a click of a button, Go Transcribe helps for easy transcription of business meetings and converting podcasts into text files. It is compatible with Windows/Mac and can be bought here

In conclusion

So, there you have it. A whole new world of opportunities for those who want employment without leaving the comforts of their homes. Happy Transcribing everyone!

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