Top WhatsApp Desktop Tips For A Better Conversation

There is no ambiguity that WhatsApp Messenger is used more than any messaging service due to its large user base and user-friendly interface. Who would’ve thought that this messenger could grow from sending loved messages to holding business meetings. Now that you’ve got WhatsApp for your desktop too, you might wish to tweak your experience in chatting with your keyboard.

WhatsApp Desktop is a computer-based application that you may either download or can use over the internet on its website. However, if you choose to download its PC based app, you may explore a faster and secure way of communication. Today, we’re going to unveil top WhatsApp Desktop tips for you to explore.

WhatsApp Desktop Tips

Emoji Command: If you’re an Emoji lover, WhatsApp Desktop is a must have for you. You can enjoy chatting with Emoji on your machine with this app. To do this, press the Shift + Tab buttons on your keyboard after selecting a chat. This way, you would highlight the emoji picker, hit the Enter key to open it and explore various emojis and GIFs with Stickers.

Now that it is no brainer, here is the tip- WhatsApp Desktop supports Slack-like emoji autocomplete. This way, if you’ve to send a laughing emoji, you just need to start with a colon (;) and type the emoji name. For example: “laugh” would bring you the laughing emoji without going and searching for it.

Emoji Command

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Text Formatting: WhatsApp has been supporting Markdown style text formatting since 2017. This means, you can get your text styled into bold, italic, underlined and strikethrough by using certain codes before text. Now with WhatsApp Desktop, you have a faster way with the real keyboard handy.  You may use the same modifiers as asterisks and tilde easily on a full-sized keyboard. You can use the same formatting as to make the text bold, you can wrap it in asterisks (*). For italics, use underscores (_). If you wish to strikethrough a message, use tilde (~) keys on both ends. Also, you can use three backticks (…) to make the text changed into monospace font.

Text Formatting

Emoticons to Emoji Conversion: Do you recall sending emoticons in text messages? You can still use the old-school ways to express your emotions and WhatsApp Desktop would convert your text emoticons to graphic emojis. To get it done, just enter the text as you would do like :-), :-(, :-p. <3 and WhatsApp Desktop would change it to their respective emojis as soon as you complete the emoticon.

Emoticons to Emoji Conversion

Keyboard Shortcuts: What’s the benefit of using WhatsApp on desktop when you can’t get things faster with shortcuts! Well, WhatsApp Desktop took care of that as well by supporting the below shortcuts that you can use:

Control/Command + P: Open your profile.

Control/Command + N: Start a new chat.

Control/Command + Backspace/Delete: Delete a chat.

Control/Command + Shift + [/]: Move between chats.

Control/Command + Shift + N: Create a new group.

Control/Command + Shift + M: Mute a chat.

Control/Command + Shift + U: Change the read status of the chat.

Control/Command + E: Archive a chat.

Overall, WhatsApp Desktop not only sets you free of keeping you mobile at the length of an arm every time but also provides you with a better speed for all the multimedia files. Once you’re ready with the WhatsApp Desktop app on your machine, you can apply the aforesaid tips and tricks to uplift your experience. So, let’s download the app and get your head around this desktop-based version to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas.

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