Top Games Coming In 2018 For PC And Xbox

2018 is bringing some great titles for PC and Xbox. If you are a part of glorious ‘PC Master Race’ and also happen to own Xbox the you’re either too damn lucky or extremely rich. Nevertheless, here are some great titles that are coming in 2018 which will blow your mind away.

In 2018 PlayStation 4 is blessed with some great games which are exclusive, however, PC and Xbox are no exception they are also getting games exclusive to them.

Upcoming PC and Xbox Games In 2018

  • Crackdown 3:

    crackdown-upcoming pc games 2018

    Crackdown 3 is action adventure game this game is based on Microsoft Azure which is a cloud computing service developed by Microsoft which enables users to destroy everything in a game.
    Users will play as an agent who wants to serve justice in any means. Game is set in the futuristic world, it is an open world game with transforming vehicles, powering yourself and destroying everything possible to serve justice.

    Releasing in Spring 2018.

  • State of Decay 2:

    state of decay-new games 2018

    A sequel to State of Decay, it is a zombie survival, open world game. It is a co-op survival with up to 4 players playing simultaneously. The world in this game is said to be as three time as its earlier version. You have to fight zombies’ hordes in order to survive. It is more based on co-op and multiplayer mode then single player mode. All the players have different roles in order to survive.

    Releasing in spring 2018


  • Sea of Thieves:

    sea of thieves-upcoming pc games 2018

    Now live your life as a pirate which you have always wanted in this upcoming action adventure game. Complete the adventures solo or with someone. It is an open world game in which you live your life as pirate. Dive in to action with your crew, engage in a battle on the sea. Use different weapons to achieve your goals and to fight with other pirates. You will surely love this game once its released, so be ready guys to be the part of this adventure filled game.

    Releasing on March 20th, 2018


  • Ashen:

    ashen- new pc and xbox games in 2018

    It is a third person role playing action game. You will take the role of a lone wanderer, and you have to build relationship with strangers and NPCs in the world. To interact with other this game uses passive multiplayer, which will let you to interact with Non- Playable Characters without talking. You will be able to send NPCs to your base and they will work alongside with you. Playing this game will be a different experience as it has lot to offer.

    Releasing in 2018


  • The Last Night:

    the last night-best upcoming pc andf xbox games in 2018

    Charlie a citizen living in a world which is run by computers and machines. Charlie is a citizen of a lower level society which tries to change the world around him. Players will take control of the Charlie and explore the city and converse with other citizens. Players have to fight and perform different actions in order to achieve the goals. Let’s hope that The Last Night will live up to its expectations.

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Releasing In 2018

Games that are releasing in 2018 for PC and Xbox are worth trying. They will surely compete with PS4’s exclusives but we all know PS4’s exclusives are way above than the games that are releasing in 2018 for PC and Xbox. If you have any suggestions or want to add other game to this list, then let us know by commenting in the comment sections below.

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