Top Educational Games For Kids To Help Them Learn & Grow

Learning can certainly be fun, and you want your kid to learn and grow freely with no boundaries. Thankfully some mobile applications can help you achieve the same. Being parents, it is your responsibility to keep your child burden-free and let them learn while playing. When both learning and playing go parallel at the early age of your kids, it helps them grow with a broader mindset. With interactive games, you can enhance their curiosity to play more and it will result in making them learn something new every day.

While playing educational games with your kids, always ensure that you remember limiting your child’s screen time. Kids nowadays need a phone or tablet every time they are at home. So, to avoid frying their brains with unusual screen time, it is better to show them some of the amazing educational games for kids with which they can learn new concepts, practice math, identify matching objects and play games that can sharpen their skills.

To ease your kid’s playing sessions and make their screen time use, check out these amazing educational games that will help them get excited about learning and developing important skills.

Top Educational Games For Kids 2019 (Paid/Free)

1. ZooMoo


One of the top free learning games for kids that lets them learn and grow with its amazing professional, intellectual, and thoughtful features. This app for kids is a classy example of what informative learning and playing should be all about. You can freely introduce your child with this game, wherein your child will be able to recognize over 160 animals, watch and learn from their real-life videos, listen and identify animal sounds.

For kids, it is important to know about the nature and surroundings we live in. With its inbuilt ‘Parents Page’, even parents can read and learn hundreds of known and unknown facts and later let their child learn the same. With no rules, this amazing game, you can let your kids play as the way they want.

Rating: 4.5/5

2. YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

Not specifically categorized as gaming app for kids, YouTube Kids is Google’s first application that targets to younger set of audiences. It hosts content that is healthy for kids of all age groups wherein they can learn through educational videos and shows. It has everything that is safe for your kids’ browsing experience. This amazing app lets your kids learn how to play games, spell, recite and draw. It lets them grow by learning things happening in front of their eyes.

YouTube Kids has a library filled with interactive videos that are curated to promote creativity. The library has a lot of videos on topics that ignite their inner creativity and playfulness. YouTube Kids has different modes designed based on kids of all age levels such as ‘preschool’ is designed for kids of 4 years or less, the ‘younger’ mode is for kids of age between 5-7 years and ‘older’ mode for kids of 8 years and more.

Rating: 4.4/5

Download Here

3. Learn To Read With Tommy Turtle

Learn To Read With Tommy Turtle

This is a one of the paid educational games for kids that is designed to let your child learn with Tommy Turtle. It is delightful game catering to preschool kids making them learn converting sound into words. With this wonder game, you can let your kids learn words with its sound, read and form easy words, identify the spoken words and categorize them on the basis of families they belong.

You can make your kid familiar with its different sections wherein, kids not only learn blending letter sounds into words, but also practice reading and identify spoken words etc. If you want to make your preschool kids learn most out of this learning app, make your child involved and happy. With its magic word feature, it asks kids to fill the pot with the words of the similar families.

Rating: 4.5/5

Download Here

4. Funny Dinosaurs Kids Puzzles

Funny Dinosaurs Kids Puzzles

Funny Dinosaurs Kids Puzzle is an educational jigsaw puzzle game for kids is designed for toddlers to kids up to 5 years of age. This paid learning games app has 24 dinosaur puzzles under its full version. This wonder game will bring your kid into amazing dinosaur world, play puzzles and listen to dinosaur sounds. It is designed to fit kids of preschool age and lets them develop good memory skills, boosts their attention, logical thinking, fine motor skills and simply let them have fun while learning onboard.

This learning games for kids is beneficial as they learn to manage things in the right way and it further helps them to develop their knowledge base in terms of fine motor skills, spatial skills, memory and attention etc.

Rating: 4.6/5

Download Here

5. Toca Blocks

Toca Blocks

Toca Blocks is a learning game for kids age 6-8 years, designed to create worlds of a kid’s choice, play in them and do whatever they have ever imagined.  This Android app lets you make your kid learn to build a world the way they want using their adventurous paths, lesser obstacles, racing tracks or floating islands. Toca Blocks is having blocks’ attributes wherein kids learn to manage to merge blocks together and transform them into something out of their creativity.

Once done, the world created by a child can be snapped, shared and imported, making it available for your kids to explore. Also, this application allows you to import your friend’s world and make them part of your own world. With its unique features, you can combine blocks to create new materials and patterns.

Rating: 4.3/5

Download Here

Are Educational Games For Kids Beneficial?

What do you think of the educational games for kids? Are they beneficial in making your kids learn things and develop their skills? Yes, they of course do! With interactive educational games, you can help your kids become more creative, smarter, sharper and lead to better human development. Just avoid forcing your kids to be in good books and let them enjoy and learn at an early age.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know about any missed educational games for kids.

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