Top 5 Tips to Fight Against Ransomware Havoc

More and more ransomware strains are being created. And new strains are devious beyond our imagination. Everyday a new ransomware story becomes the headline. Aren’t we being too casual about it?

Are you doing anything to safeguard your privacy against any potential threat, or are you waiting till you become a victim. Giving so much privilege to cyber hijackers won’t lead to any fruitful outcome. It’s high time to be alert and raise our shields against any potential danger.

Start Taking Your Emails Seriously!


A recent cybercrime occurred in Knoxville, US where hackers used the most traditional method of attack—emails! Links directing to “BIT.LY” or “OW.LY” may be red flags. No matter how much security experts warn us, but we still end up being trapped through those suspicious email links. Once you clicked then there’s no way out! Hackers are now kidnapping files on computers. And the only option to get them back is to pay. Our emails contain a lot of important stuff, including bank statements, credit card statements, passwords or even pictures. Somehow “Paying the Ransom” always becomes the last resort and we end up losing a bunch of dollars to retain our data.

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Some Tips to Safeguard Against Ransomware Attacks

To overcome this Ransomware Flu, here are a few intelligent tips to ensure an effective protection:

  1. Regular Backups: The first and foremost lesson always remains the same—start creating regular backups of your data. So, that even if the cyber villains get a hold on it, you don’t end up losing all your money by just being all ‘panicky’ and vulnerable.
  2. Adopt a Robust Security Solution: Make sure you’re running a robust security solution that covers all your devices (PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets) and provides a complete layer of protection. One such recommended tool is Right Backup, which is simple and secure cloud storage solution which safeguards your valuable data. You can back up, share, restore and access your documents, photos, videos, music and more with a single click. Not just this, you can create instant cloud backups and stay secure and up to date on the go.
  1. Keep Your Software Up-to-date: Try and maintain a habit to keep the software on all your devices up to date to prevent exploits. New software updates include some bug fixes which thereby increases the performance of our system to make it even more secure from cyber-attacks.
  2. Email Attachments-Handle with Care: Be extra careful while handling email attachments, especially with ZIP files and Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Recheck twice and don’t open any email attachments that are sent by someone you don’t know.
  3. Limit the use of browser plugins. Make a practice of disabling commonly exploited plugins ones such as Flash Player and Silverlight when you’re not using them. You can do this through your web browser under the plugin settings.

We hope now you can all agree on the fact that the only way to truly beat ransomware is to never be infected by it!

Stay Alert-Stay Protected

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