Top 3 Ways To Find Your Lost Or Stolen Laptop

Electronics are a popular choice amongst thieves when it comes to stealing. Be it T.V, mobile phones, tablets etc. they prefer to steal them as they get a good price for reselling them . Presently, laptops and mobiles are the most preferred electronic devices that are either lost or stolen worldwide.

While, there are many insurance and covering plans available to help you overcome the monetary loss, but, they definitely can’t get back the precious data that you lost with the device. Many incidents have been cited wherein the thief accessed personal or confidential data and misused it to demand ransom. Well, at the end of the day losing a personal belonging definitely feels bad, especially if it has personal information such as photographs, bank details and important documents . Silver lining in the cloud is that there are some ways that you can try to find your lost or stolen laptop. Let’s see how:

1. Gmail

Apart from lending you a free space for emails, Gmail has actively contributed towards digital security. If you’ve lost your laptop or has been stolen, there are chances that the person who gets his hands on it would try to access your email or any other data. To do so, he has to launch your Gmail and this is what is all needed.

As soon as you realize that your laptop has been lost, find another one and login to your Gmail account. Once you’re logged in, scroll down the screen to the bottom and find the Last account activity. It shows you the time of your last login. Click on details and it fetches all the login details it’s got for you. Once you get the IP address, click on Sign out all other web sessions to prevent any data theft that might occur. Now that you’ve got the IP address of the thief, approach the police and hand it over to them.

gmail activity on this account

2. Facebook:

Facebook needs no introduction, but what you need to know is that it can be your one stop solution if you’ve lost your laptop. The reason for which the thief would try to intrude in your Facebook account is the same as your Gmail account. To get back your laptop from the unauthorized person, find a spare or friend’s laptop, login to your Facebook id and go to Settings. Once opened, select Security and Login from the left hand side menu list and see the status below, “Where You’re Logged In” tab. To get the IP address, just hover over the last logged in location and it displays the IP address. Once you get the IP address, select to log out from the particular location from the three vertical dots menu option.


3. Tracking Apps:

It is always good to prepare for the worst and losing your laptop falls under this category. There’re various applications that provide you with the location and locking down features for your laptop in any such situations. If you’ve got any such software installed on your laptop, which is stolen or lost, there’s not much you’ve got to do. Just login to your account on the software provider’s website from any computer. These websites are designed in such a way that you don’t’ have to put a lot of efforts to gain the location of your machine. Just find the option to locate your lost device and follow the little procedure to get back your device.

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Overall, finding a stolen or lost laptop comes handy when you use the right tool at the right time. The social media platforms and popular mailing services have been providing the details of your login for a long time. It is just that you may have never felt the need or did not know the path to use the feature. Well, now that you know the key to get your precious laptop back from the black hole, it is time to get the tools together and become Sherlock for a while. Do tell us some more easy ways to find a lost laptop in the comments below.


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