Top 14 Advanced Car Technologies by 2023

People are usually very possessive about their CARS. They love the laest trends and technologies associated with cars. Well, I am going to list some of the most advanced car technologies that you would witness by 2020. I assure you that by reading about them you would actually feel that those technologies being displayed in movies and written in science fiction books would soon be a part of your real life.

List of Advanced Car Technologies:-

  1. Autonomous Vehicles –


We are already aware about the efforts being made by Google and Uber on Driverless Car Systems. It is predicted that by 2020, we will have vehicles that will be fully autonomous vehicles running on roads but only under specific circumstances.

  1. Driver Override Systems –


I have already told you about this technology in my blog Automation Industry-Developing Systems to Increase Driver’s Security. With this new automation technology the car overrides the driver’s command and makes its own decision in the conditions you accelerate and brake together. The car would come to a halt even if you have your foot on gas pedal.

  1. Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking –


This is something you would not have expected but is something which is voluntary. State Governments and Insurance Companies are discussing on terms of insurance fees. They are planning to reduce the insurance fee if you would allow them to track your vehicles and you have covered less miles.

  1. Health Monitoring –


Ford is among the first comers for this technology. It has already previewed the use of sensors in the seat belt and steering wheel to track the some of the vital statistics of human body. And since we have already made lot of developments in wearable technologies, this could also be used in combination with the health monitoring technology in the car.

  1. Flying Cars –


That is like a true fantasy come true. Almost every car lover would have fantasied about the flying car. It is expected that the first flying car Aero Mobil 3.0 from Slovakia would soon be available for the people to purchase if they can afford it. This car could make a landing on any airport worldwide and could be driven to any gas station for refilling.

  1. Active Window Displays –


This is even referred to as head-up-display technology, which has a transparent display on the windshield. Hence, you would no more need to keep checking your cellphones for any the routes to your destination and can just focus right on the road. This technology has changed itself completely since the start 20 years back. It would more like a navigation system that highlights the next turn on the windshield as you approach it.

  1. Remote Vehicle Shutdown –


We already we have this technology in the present cars. But some of the recent bad experiences in it has led the Telematics Company shut down hundreds of cars. It is predicted that by 2023, people would make use of this feature in a more conscious way.

  1. Biometric Vehicle Access –


Biometric Technology is making its presence in almost all the industries. We have already seen the use of like finger print lock and retina scan in lot many places. Our cars would soon come enabled with this feature called as Biometric Access. And yes you can expect your cars to go keyless and use finger prints or your eyeball as the key of it.

  1. Solar Cars –


A shift in the nature of people has been observed in these recent years. They are moving more towards the green technology. You are going to witness this nature soon in your cars in the form of Solar Cars. The Solar cars will derive their energy from the energy of the Sun.

  1. Energy Storing Panels –

There are some places in the world where the Sun’s energy is not present in abundance. But you can always use the little which is available. Toyota is the forerunner in the technology. With cars like this you can store the solar energy as a reserve power. The body panels of car would collecting and storing the solar energy if they are made with polymer fiber and carbon resin.

  1. Four Cylinder Supercar –


Ford Company seems to be the forerunner for this technology. At CES 2017, it showed a GT-super car using twin-turbo V6. This car is light weight as the body is made up of carbon fiber. And the speed could go up to 600 horsepower. It is predicted that by 2022, we would acknowledge the first four cylinder engine super car with a speed of 200-plus mph.

  1. Smart/Personalized In-Car Marketing –


Personalized marketing technique is already being used by Facebook, Google and Twitter. Since, we have entered the smart world even our cars would be connected to internet. A benefit for marketers as they now have
much more data and can customize their campaigns giving you location based ads on your car’s display window. But this will be more of an opt-in feature which could be disabled by the drivers.

  1. Reconfigurable Body Panels –


SUV’s have always been the first love for all car fans, but trucks are the ones who experience the maximum sales. This technology would give you the benefit to enjoy both of these car types in one car. It would more like an SUV with lightweight body panels and strong motors that could retract the roof and side glass into the lower body panels.

Let us know, which one did you find the most interesting!

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