6 Useful Tips to Shoot the Perfect Time-Lapse Videos

Slo-mo, Boomerangs or Time-lapse, be it anything! If you’re a 21st century millennial and a photography buff, then we’re sure you must be well-acquainted with these terms. Well, Time-lapse photography has trended like fire within the last couple of years and it is being used in various creative ways by professionals. And it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a professional of simply using your smartphone’s advanced camera to shoot time-lapse videos, this is one thing that each one of us is willing to try. So, in this post, we will be covering some of the best time-lapse trips and tricks that will allow you to shoot stunning sequences planned with perfection and a pinch of creativity.

Wondering why did Time-lapse become so popular suddenly? Well, it’s because now almost everyone can afford a decent camera equipped with the right set of lens and resolution. And don’t you think there’s a different kind of magic in time-lapse videos? They present us whole new perception in a creative angle where we see things differently and more beautifully. So, let’s cut to the chase and let’s explore this photography tips for professionals and beginners that will allow you to shoot stunning time-lapse sequences.

Make Room For Photos On Your Device

Before you even start with clicking photos, it is important that you ensure there’s enough space on your device to store them. Surely you do not want to get annoyed after clicking a time-lapse only to discover no space to save that. We recommend you use Duplicate Photos Fixer to detect and remove any unwanted duplicates images to create new space. In just a few clicks the tool progressively scans your phone or computer for copies of files and displays results for you to review. Recover GBs of storage with Duplicate Photos Fixer in just a few seconds.

Set the Right Interval

Time-lapse videos are all about motion and movements. So, when you’re recording a time-lapse sequence make sure that you analyze the motion pattern in depth that tells you at what pace it’s running. Like, if you’re shooting a time-lapse of traffic or any other fast-moving object then you should set the interval of about 1-2 seconds. On the other hand, while shooting slow movement scenes, you can set higher intervals for minutes or hours.

Carry a Tripod

Carry a Tripod
Image Source: iPhone Photography School

A tripod can be every photographer’s best companion as it helps you in stabilizing dynamic shots and reduces blur movements. It keeps your camera position intact and allows you to shoot a stable time-lapse sequence in one fixed frame. If you’re not able to carry a tripod along, you can try to keep the camera on a solid platform like rock or on the roof of your parked car, whatever feels convenient at the moment.

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Add a Background Track

Music is the key to your soul and that’s quite true isn’t it? So, before you plan on creating a historic time-lapse video, don’t forget about the background track that will make your sequence much more life-like and appealing. A time-lapse video with absolutely no sound will lack soul and won’t make it much interesting, right?  So, always keep a piece of background music in mind for your time-lapse video that will suit it best. It can be a song or an instrumental audio track, a unique sound composition of yours, be it anything.

Time-Lapse Format

Time-Lapse Format
Image Source: DALIBRO

Another important time-lapse tips and tricks is to take care of the format. Yes, that’s right. Unlike pictures, it’s always advisable to shoot time-lapse videos in RAW format rather than JPEG. Time-lapse is nothing but a huge collection of pictures, right? So, when you shoot a time-lapse sequence in RAW format, all the images and frames will be stored in an uncompressed format so that the post-processing of images can be done easily.

Keep the Focus Intact

Rather than giving all the power to your camera lens to pick up one focus point, make sure that you use the manual mode while shooting time-lapse videos. As time-lapse videos contain a lot of movement and motion, keeping the focus on manual or auto-focus will allow the lens to be adjusted according to the exposure and lighting in the surroundings for creating a perfect time-lapse sequence shot.

Gear Up Nicely

Gear Up Nicely
Image Source: Format

Photography is all about capturing the right moment at the right time. And this falls true for shooting time-lapse videos as well. There’s a huge possibility of you being in the outdoors when you’re shooting time-lapse sequences, right? So, it’s really important to gear up nicely and keep all the required accessories, clothing, and yes not to forget an extra pack of camera batteries so that your shooting experience doesn’t get hindered at any cost.

We hope you liked our post on Time-lapse tips and tricks? So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and shoot stunning time-lapse sequences that will leave your friends and followers amazed!

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