Tips To Control iPhone Notifications With iOS 12

Notification Centre was introduced in iOS since iOS 5. Just as the name suggests, it notifies you every incoming alert on your iPhone, whether it is a message or an email. The iPhone chimes and you can see the alert on the Notification Centre. With the release of this feature, we were excited to see what all things Apple could add to make it more exciting. However, it doesn’t work the way we expected.

Now, alerts and notifications are just a way to grab your attention instead of providing relevant information.

Although, things are changing with iOS 12. Apple has made dealing with notifications easier than before. In this post, we have talked about dealing with notifications to get a decluttered lock screen.

1.Grouped Notifications

grouped Notifications

To declutter the lock screen, with iOS 12 you get grouped notifications. So, now instead of 10 notifications for same Messenger thread, you will only view one stack. To expand to check individual notifications, just a tap on a stack and check them out one by one. To take further action, you can use 3D touch or swipe to the left on either single notification or whole stack.

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2. Deliver Quietly

Hiding a notification for while can be very useful especially when you are in meeting or sleeping when you don’t want any disturbance. The feature ‘Deliver Quietly’ Can temporarily deactivate a notification from your iPhone’s Lock Screen.

Deliver Quietly

To activate it, swipe the notification to the left of the screen to get options such as View, Clear and Manage. Click Manage, you will get a pop-up, choose Deliver Quietly.  Under this feature, it changes various notification settings with just a tap.

When you tap on it, iOS 12 prevents an app from showing any notifications on Lock screen. It can also deactivate app icon badges, sounds as well as banner notifications. However, the notification stays in the Notification Center.

As you unlock your iOS device, you need to swipe from the top of the screen in downwards direction to view it. However, there will be no buzz on your iPhone, so no attention-grabbing gaze needed until you want.

Deliver Quietly 1

When you want to disable the feature, just need to go to the Notification centre and go to Manage. You will get Deliver Prominently instead of Deliver Quietly. Tap on it to disable Deliver Quietly.

Deliver Quietly 2

If you haven’t got any notifications related to the app. Then don’t worry as you need to locate Settings->Notifications->The App. You can check the present status as Deliver Quietly. Go to the further settings and enable, Sounds, Banners, Badges and other alerts

Deliver Quietly 3.PNG

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3. Modify Group Notifications

iOS 12 notification are grouped as per contexts such as location, app or threads. You don’t have control on how the apps and their notifications are grouped. Also, you can’t disable the grouped notifications completely but could change their behavior.

To modify the settings, follow these steps:

  • Locate and tap Settings from home screen.
  • Navigate to Notifications and then go to individual app.
    Modify Group Notifications
  • On this page, locate and tap on Notification Grouping.
    Modify Group Notifications 1
  • The default option chosen is Automatic. Other options are Automatic, Off or By App. If you want to turn off grouping completely, click on Off.
    Modify Group Notifications-3

4 Deactivate Notifications from your lock screen

Disabling notification for an app you don’t like from the lock screen. All you need to do is locate the notification and swipe with the left hand on notification and tap on Manage. From this notification menu, you can tap on Turn off the option

Deactivate Notifications from your lock screen

5.DND While Sleeping

You don’t want any unwanted calls or messages while you sleep. Now DND (Do Not Disturb feature) has a new colleague known as Bedtime. Enable it at bedtime, lock screen will get dimed and no notification will come on it. Until the DND mode is on, you will not get any notification. If you use DND mode, then locate Settings and navigate to Do Not Disturb, toggle the switch beside Scheduled to the right-hand side. Now you can see Bedtime and toggle the switch beside Bedtime to enable. It is recommended to schedule Do Not Disturb mode an hour before you go to bed and an hour after you wake up.

DND While Sleeping

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6. Disable Siri Suggestions

Siri is omnipresent in iOS 12. With Siri, you can automate tasks which you usually do on your iPhone. Siri takes charge everywhere especially when it is Lock Screen. You get a reminder to call someone who’s called you missed. If you find this feature annoying then, you can disable it. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Locate Settings from the home screen.
  • Now select Siri & Search.
    Disable Siri Suggestions
  • Navigate to Turn Off the Suggestions on Lock Screen and tap on the toggle switch to disable it.
    Disable Siri Suggestions-1
  • You can also disable Search, Suggestions & Shortcuts for an individual app.

This will prevent an app from displaying in Lock screen suggestions, in the Shortcuts apps and Spotlight suggestions.

7. DND Mode Improved

Do Not Disturb aka DND mode got its own upgrade. You can activate the Do Not Disturb mode from the Control Center.  Do a 3D touch on Do Not Disturb option. You will get detailed options such as For 1 hour, Until I leave this location, and Until this evening. Until the end of this event and Until I leave this location are quite useful as you can schedule it according to a place you are visiting or workplace.

dnd mode approved

So, these are some of the tips and tricks on How to control Annoying iPhone Notifications With iOS 12. Try them and feel less distracted. If you have any queries or questions, then comments below.

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