Tip of The Week: How To Screenshot On PC/Mac With Mouse Cursor Included

Is There A Way To Take Screenshot On Windows 10 & Mac With The Mouse Pointer? The Short Answer – YES!

Here’s a quick question, have you always wanted to include a mouse cursor in screenshots but could never make it happen? Well, you might already have noticed that, be it on PC or Mac, every time you take a screenshot, the mouse pointer disappears. Most of us later rely on third-party image editor applications to add the mouse cursor for better presentation purposes. But it gets a tad bit of hassle, right? So, what if we tell you that we have explored a roundabout fix so that we can quickly get the pesky mouse cursor in the screenshot on Windows 10 & macOS?

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PART 1- How To Include Mouse Cursor In a Screenshot On Windows Without Using Third-Party Tools?

Though there are a variety of methods to capture Windows 10 screenshots, a lot of them fall short in one key area: the ability to include a mouse cursor. But today, we’ve discovered a hassle-free method to take screenshots on Windows PC with the mouse pointer included. Just follow the straightforward steps mentioned below:

STEP 1- Navigate to your Search box & look for Steps Recorder.

Navigate to your Search box & look for Steps Recorder

STEP 2- Select the very first result that appears on the list.

STEP 3- Head towards the place where you would like to capture the screenshot.

STEP 4- From the Steps Recorder menu, hit the Start Record button. (The icon looks like a red circle)

Note: If you want to capture a scrolling screenshot, scroll down till the end of the web page with a mouse pointer.

STEP 5- Take the mouse pointer at a place where you would like to capture in a screenshot & click on the Stop Recording button. Step Recorder will successfully capture all user actions till now. 

STEP 6- A page with all the recorded steps will appear. Check & Save the Windows 10 screenshot you need with mouse pointer included.

Navigate to your Search box & look for Steps Recorder

Give a name to your file & close the Steps Recorder!

PART 2- How To Include Mouse Cursor In a Screenshot On Windows With Using Third-Party Tool?

If you want to capture the mouse movements in the form of Windows 10 screenshot or video in highest-quality, then consider using TweakShot Screen Capture tool. The Windows software is a fantastic utility to capture multiple types of screenshots and can screen record videos, presentations, webinar, gameplay, online movies, shows and whatnot. The tool is best-known for capturing high-resolution screenshots and screen recordings.

STEP 1- Get TweakShot Screen Capture tool on your Windows system.

STEP 2- Click on the Big Eye icon to get exposed to a variety of tools.

It includes features to:

  • Capture a specific region of the screen.
  • Capture Scrolling Windows 10 screenshots.
  • Take screenshots of an active window, when multiple screens are open.
  • Capture the entire screen.
  • Record on-screen activities with mouse movements.
  • Edit images for professional results with Color Picker & more.

TweakShot Screen Capture

STEP 3- Select a dedicated option that you would like to use for capturing Windows 10 screenshots or recording videos.

STEP 4- TweakShot will capture all your on-screen activities clearly & save the results in the best quality.

TweakShot Screen Capture is one of the best tools designed for creating slideshows, presentations, how-to tutorials and more. Click here to read our complete guide to know what TweakShot has to offer!

PART 3- How To Include Mouse Cursor In a Screenshot On Mac?

To learn how to take screenshots on Mac with the mouse cursor included, you can use the little-known built-in utility, Grab. The Mac application offers all the essential features needed to capture the entire screen, active window, a particular part of the screens and timed screenshots. It just needs a few clicks of mouse & you can easily capture a screenshot with mouse pointer included.

STEP 1- To start using Grab for taking screenshots on Mac. Head towards Applications > Utilities folder & locate Grab.

STEP 2- Launch the Mac Screenshot tool and click on Preferences to select your mouse pointer.

STEP 3- A new window will pop-up on your screen with a selection of pointer types you can choose for screenshot purposes. Choose a type of mouse cursor according to your need.

How To Include Mouse Cursor In a Screenshot On Mac

STEP 4- Head towards the Capture tab and choose either Screen or Timed Screen option. Both the choices work well for taking best screenshots on Mac with the mouse pointer included.

STEP 5- When the type of screen is selected, you’ll be further guided by the on-screen instructions to capture screenshots through Grab Mac Tool.

STEP 6- To start taking a screenshot on Mac, click on the window area where you would like to capture the screen with mouse pointer included.

How To Include Mouse Cursor In a Screenshot On Mac

Once Grab takes the screenshot on your Mac machine, a new window will appear with a snapshot showing the captured results. If you are satisfied with it, click on File > Save!

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Aforementioned are three simple ways to take screenshots on Windows & Mac. You can certainly pick any one of the methods to capture screenshots on PC or Mac with mouse cursor included!

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