Timeline Feature Introduced By Microsoft

Finally, Windows 10’s most awaited feature that allows users to travel time has been announced. With this feature the users can go in past to refer or continue their work on the application that they were previously working on any of the devices connected to their Microsoft account. It can be iOS, Android or the Windows 10 PC.

This time Microsoft has become more realistic as it has clubbed both Timeline and Task View features. To use the feature, you need to download the update and click on the modified Task View button or press Win + Tab keyboard shortcuts. This will open a window where you can see all the apps running along with a timeline displaying past activities saved day wise. Each activity will be shown in the form of a thumbnail of the app with combination of specific app and content. All the activities like visiting a web page or performing any specific task within the app will be listed.


To go to the old task simply click on the activity, it will take you to the task where you left it.

Microsoft timeline

The feature is powered by Azure cloud and Cortana where the Windows 10 digital assistant, will work as an intermediary between you and the cloud. It will access your Graph data and will prompt you to continue working from where you left on all supported devices.

Since all the activities will be stored on cloud, connected to your Microsoft account, there will be no loss of data as all will be synced.

Also, if you have been working on any document on desktop and while travelling you switched to laptop Cortana will notify you. You can also access that activity directly from the Timeline.

resume activities microsoft

Disabling The Feature

However, if you don’t want to use this feature you can disable it from the Settings app.

Open the settings and under Activity history turn off the filter to avoid linking and getting activities collected on timeline. Refer to the screenshot below for better understanding.

microsoft activity history


Microsoft is trying hard to make cross-device experience flawless. The timeline feature shows the seriousness and efforts taken in this way. Using the feature all devices can be connected and all the work will be easily synced. Beneficial for users who use multiple devices as it will be now be easy to resume work on any device at any time.


Timeline feature has a lot of potential and is very useful for daily Windows users.

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