Time to Update your iPhone to iOS 11 and Appreciate its Features

Be ready for the cool new iOS 11 as it’s finally here for iPhones and iPads. As autumn makes you feel different, similarly iOS 11 will give a complete new feel to your old iPhone. After hearing the price of iPhone X if you don’t want to upgrade, we won’t judge you. But now you can revamp your old iPhone without spending a cent. The new version is packed with innovative and attractive feature like one hand type, a smarter interface, more human like Siri and a customizable Control Center.

iOS 11

There is a special attraction for iPad users. The new ’Drag and Drop function’ that makes things much easier for users.

Here’s what you need to do before downloading the update.

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Take a Backup

Excited to update your device?! In this excitement do not forget to backup all your data. A little makeover is good but not at the price of losing your precious data. You can upload all your basic data like contacts, settings and messages to iCloud.


To take a complete backup use iTunes. To use it simply connect your device with the PC, now open iTunes > select the device, and then choose “Back Up Now” under “Manually Back Up and Restore” option.

Check the Battery

Check the battery

To avoid any problem while update iOS 11 ensure that your device is charged, if it isn’t then it can be a problem. Before you start updating the software plug into to the charger and connect to Wi-Fi. This way you can lessen the chances of update failure.

Free Some Space

Free some space

You need to make some room for the update. As, it will reside within your device you need to have about 2GB of free space. To free up space you take a backup or can delete duplicate photos, unused apps or the redundant data. You can even use Google Photos to upload and then clear all the photos from your camera roll once and for all and free up space. Be smart do it now and stay ahead of everyone. This will save from all the hassle at the last moment.

Get Set Go

Get set go Once everything is done, you are now ready to download and enjoy the new update. When the update will be available you will get a notification. However, if you are in hurry and can’t control the excitement you can check it manually. To do so go to the General tab from the Settings app and tap Software Update. This will start to download the update.

Now when you have updated your iOS you must want exciting features you will get. So, here’s the list for you.

Redesigned App Store

Apple has revamped its App Store completely for the first time in span of nine years. The new look offers various new tabs, you can now filter it by Games, Apps from the bottom of the screen. The most amazing of all is the “Today” option where you can find highlights from the app store on daily basis.

Redesigned app store

Img src: mirror

It will also contain in depth features like developer interviews, exclusive premiers, how to guide and new tips for new released features.

In addition to this you will also find an Updates tab, where users can see the changes made to their favorite app and game in the latest update.

Advanced Siri

The prime feature of iOS 11 is making Siri more human like, for this purpose machine learning is used to make it more advanced and make Siri’s voice more natural for in both male and female version of Siri.

Advanced Siri

Apple’s Siri will not give a good competition to its biggest competitor Google. As the voice assistant can now translate the text in almost all the popular languages from English to French, German, Italian and even Mandarin. It will surely give a tough competition to Google’s translator. To give more personal touch the voice assistant will use on device learning.


Not only this the users will also get suggestions from Siri based on the personal usage of apps such as Safari, News, Messages and Mail.

Apple adds Indoor Maps

Apple adds Indoor Maps

 With Apple’s new addition to its map app, you cannot get lost at any place, even at the most common one like mall. Apple has added Indoor Maps for shopping centers and airports around the world. At first it will cover a small section of cities, including London and Heathrow and Gatwick, more will added shortly to the list like Miami, Philadelphia and more. This will give you a clearer view of all common places we visit daily.

place cards

The list doesn’t end here it even includes lane guidance and speed limits to help you while driving.

Hidden Dark Mode

Hidden Dark Mode

You may not consider it big as compared with other more interesting features. But it is of help too. To use it you need to head to Display Accommodations and toggle on Smart Invert.

Do Not Disturb while on the go

Apple cares for you and your life, in this regards Apple has announced a Do Not Disturb function that you can be used while driving. It will possibly help you to stay focused while driving thus avoiding chances of accidents caused due to ringing phone. It is surely a life-saving feature.

Do not Disturb while on the go

The feature will detect when you are driving using Bluetooth connection and then will automatically mute the notifications keeping screen dark.

While using this feature, users can even send an auto reply to their contacts listed in favorites information that they are driving can cannot responds, will reply once reached at their destination

New Effects Added to Live Photos

New effects added to live photos are inspired by Instagram’s Boomerang features. You can now add Loop and Bounce effects to your live photos and can even create video loops using Live Photos.

New effects added to Live Photos

Portrait mode is no more boring it now uses optical image stabilization, true tone flash and HDR. In addition to this you can automatically create “memory movies” using your photo collection on your iOS device.

Plus photos will now take more space, as the new image format High Efficiency will reduce the file size of every photo.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality
Image Source: Medium

We all know Apple never misses to adapt to new technology, it is offering a new platform to AI game developers with iOS 11. iPhone’s and iPad’s in-built camera and motion sensors, can be used for this purpose.

Developers can use ARKit  and can step into the latest computer vision technologies to shape virtual content for interactive gaming and immersive shopping experiences.

Wingnut AR is an AI based game which soon be available for users.

One-Hand Mode

One-hand mode

We all love multitasking as it is time saving. In lieu to this Apple has got a new and smart QuickTime keyboard. Using it user can easily type with one hand, irrespective of the fact if he is right handed or left. To use it simply touch and hold the emoji or globe key, select one-handed typing the keys will instantaneously move closer to your thumb.

To go back to the regular keyboard layout, simply hold down the emoji or globe key and select the center icon.

Advanced Control Center

Advanced Control Center

With iOS 11 you can now customize your Control Center as per your convenience. By default, it will have all the standard tools added like Wi-Fi, airplane mode, do not disturb, Airplay, Bluetooth, brightness, volume, portrait orientation lock, night shift, flashlight, calculator and camera. So, what’s new? By swiping up you now can now add 18 additional controls as per your choice such as the wallet, timer, stopwatch, notes, text size and more.

Get Some Free Space

Get some free space

Settings > General > iPhone Storage

Receiving message “Storage Almost Full” at a crucial time when you want space is the most terrifying thing. But with iOS 11 you don’t have to worry as it offers a solution for this problem. To use it you need to head to phone settings then General and next iPhone Storage. Here you will see a list of items taking most space on your phone. Just scroll the complete list and you will see a list with suggesting the apps that you can remove. You can also see the apps that are installed but you don’t use them. In this manner, you free up space.

Drag and Drop text

Drag and drop text

iOS 11 make you forget the boring copy paste, you can now simply use the new drag and drop feature to interchange content swiftly. What you need to do is simply, highlight and press on a word or image you need to drag and drop and place it on the other screen. You can even drag contacts, reminders, maps and more. But there is a catch this feature only works within the same app and document on the iPhone.


Img src: mirror and cbsnews and gadgethhack

These new features will not only give a new look to your old iPhone, but will surely makes everything easy. The all new iOS 11 is simply a treat after the announcement of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Hope you like using it and face no problem in installing and enjoying the new features.

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