6 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Tech-Savvy Mom


Mother—a tiny five letter word that suffices our whole world. Yes, that’s right! Mother’s love is the purest and selfless form of love and there’s no further debate to that. She has pampered us all our lives, 365 days of the year multiplied to eternities but so when it comes to making her feel special, she deserves the best of everything. Well, Mother’s Day 2019 is around the corner folks! So, have you thought of a gift idea already or still struggling how to make your lady love feel special on this day?

Maybe tech can help you out? Not all mother’s want food processors and fancy dresses, right? How about your surprise her with something that blows her mind? Maybe a cool gadget that helps her cook or something that makes her everyday life easier.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In this post, we have compiled a list of 7 thoughtful Mother’s Day gadgets packed with the power of technology that’ll sweep her off her feet.

Amazon Echo/ Google Home

Amazon Echo Google Home
Image Source: Pocket Lint

Yes, virtual assistants always seem like a decent gifting choice. This will surely make your mother happy! More than anything she will be amazed how everyday thing can easily get done with the help of a smart speaker like Echo or Google Home. Little things like controlling the room temperature with the help of thermostat, turning on/off the lights, asking current weather update out loud without having the type anything on Google and more. There are endless things about how virtual assistants can make your lives simpler.

Buying a virtual assistant for your mother on this special day will be a decision that you won’t regret. Guaranteed!

JBL Smart Display

JBL Smart Display
Image Source: JBL

Well, technology has come a long way ahead. The power-packed JBL Link view smart display can prove out to one of the best Mother’s Day gadgets you can get for your lovely mom. A Bluetooth speaker that plays songs, and has a smart display, what more do you need? You mother can keep this smart display in the kitchen while she listens to her favorite tunes or maybe a Google a recipe in the midst or watches a YouTube video and use it for her entertainment.

Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat
Image Source: Backslash

Health and technology clubbed together can-do wonders—indeed. Ever thought of a smart yoga mat that could spice up your daily morning exercise sessions? Yes, it’s a thing. Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat is something that your mother will absolutely fall in love with. It is a smart yoga mat that can be paired with Amazon Alexa to offer you the best health morning routines. Isn’t that awesome? You might even get a pat on your back for choosing this gift option on this Mother’s Day. So, what’re you waiting for? Order it now!

Drop Scale: The Connected Kitchen Scale

Drop Scale
Image Source: Trusted Reviews

Is your mama a fan of cooking? If yes, then Drop Scale Connected Kitchen is all she needs. Your mother will absolutely love this handy kitchen appliance that offers ease of cooking with the power of technology. It combines all your kitchen appliances into one app giving you so much power of control that you will love your cooking sessions more than ever. While your mom is preparing your favorite meals, Drop Scale will make sure that the right amount of ingredients is being added and will make cooking an all in all a great interactive event.

Smart Garden

Smart Garden
Image Source: Click and Grow

There’s no joy greater than seeing something grow day by day, right in front of your eyes. Click and Grow Smart garden is one of the most thoughtful gifting options that you can surprise your mother with. It is a perfect indoor gadget that your mom will praise you for. Click and Grow Smart garden comes with a smart soil that automatically nourishes the plant. Apart from this, this gadget is also equipped with a LED light, that offers the right amount of lighting that is required for a plant to grow.


Image Source: Business Insider

If your mom is fond of reading then you can also surprise her with a Kindle Paperwhite that can bring her so much ease of reading. It’s handy, convenient and can keep your mom busy from taking all the stress. Order the latest version of Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon and surprise her on this Mother’s Day 2019.

How did you like our list of best Mother’s Day Gadgets? Which super gadget are you planning to get for your mom on this Mother’s Day 2019? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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