Things Google Assistant Can Do On Google Allo

Despite their failed attempts to climb the social network train ride after the fall of Orkut, Google have been really desperate to get back in the game. We have already seen how Google+ was marketed as a better alternative for Facebook, but failed to pick up users.

The world has certainly changed a lot ever since and new entrants such as WhatsApp have shown that the social networking will continue to evolve. Therefore, it is highly imperative that if Google wants a chance at regaining their former social media glory, they must think of presenting a replacement rather than a mere alternative.

What’s Different with Google Allo

Their latest release Google Allo is marketed as a competitor to the popular WhatsApp. It does most of the things that WhatsApp does, such as messaging, chatting, sharing photos, videos etc. However, Google have introduced their A.I controlled personal assistant to add a brand new dimension in personal messaging.  So if this new messaging app by Google has found your attention, here’s some interesting things Google Assistant can do in Allo.

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1. Easy Lookups

Google Assistant makes it easy for you to look up anything while you chat. For example, you want to know the weather forecast before planning an outdoor excursion with your friend. Now you can simply ask the assistant about the weather without leaving the chat window and also share it with your contacts.

Easy Lookups

2. Smart Replies

While spelling and synonym suggestions are nothing new for any messaging app, Google Allo can actually predict and suggest replies. The more a user will chat on Allo, the better answers it will be able to suggest to the user, based on the most commonly sent replies.

Smart Replies

3. Better Offline Capabilities

The persistent need to be online isn’t much of a complaint when it comes to smartphones. But Google Assistant can still perform considerable searches while it is offline. Even without an internet connection, you can still send you questions to google assistant, which will be processed in the background. So whenever you get online again, the assistant will have an answer ready for you.

4. Advanced Image Sharing and Recognition

Similar to google image search, Allo can now recognize the images you choose to share. Which means if you need a larger size for a particular image, you can simply ask google assist to do the search for you. If you come across a photo you need to share, you can snap it directly via the assistant window and share.

5. Start A Chat or Make a Call

Just like how you can direct Apple’s Siri to make a call or send a message, Google Assistant brings the same function on Allo. This not only makes finding contacts easier for you, but you can also use it to directly share media with your contacts.

Want to Listen To Web Pages? Read It With The Google Assistant

Google Assistant not just enhances Allo, but has made it a pretty much one stop location for all your communication needs. However, only time will be able to tell whether their A.I. Assistant can provide them with a winning edge over their colossal rival WhatsApp. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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