The Science behind ‘Find Your Doppelganger’ By Google

People are literally going crazy ever since Google’s Arts and Culture app newly introduced feature, that makes you see your museum doppelganger.

The app was officially released in 2015 but has not been this popular as after the release of this specific feature. Congratulations to whoever at Google thought about it as this new feature has made the app go viral overnight among all age groups.

Aren’t you aware about it? Worry not soon you will also be able to use it, as currently the feature is available only in US excluding Illinois and Texas. The reason behind it is state’s biometric law in Texas.

Using this you can not only find your doppelganger but can meet people, visit places, know about historical events. The app finds and collects art and culture work from 70 countries and this data helps Google to show you your doppelganger.

When the selfie is uploaded Google looks through various artwork using computer vision software and pairs identical images. At first you may face problem in locating the features as the app has various other features too.

To use the new feature, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download and install the application by clicking on the link below as per the device you are using: Android iPhone
  2. Now scroll home page of the app to look for “take selfie” option. You will find it under a white box surrounded by paintings. Click on Get Started and proceed.

Note: If you are unable to find the option please note this feature is exclusive for the US for now.

google art3. Next take a selfie and let the app analyze your face. Google will show your a message mentioning it wont save images Accept it and proceed.
google culture4. When the app is working you will be able to see multiple colored line all over the screen

5. Once the processing it done the app will show you the artwork with the percentage of how much it resembles your face.

Wasn’t it fun to find your doppelganger in form of artwork? Indeed, it is exciting and this excitement can be seen amongst all age groups. As everyone around the world is eager to use this feature and those who can’t use are annoyed.

But no one is looking at the other side of the coin. There is a huge risk involved, if any criminal gets hold of this data he can use it to unlock any biometric device locked using your face. Apple’s latest iPhone X works on FaceID technology, Facebook too has rolled out facial recognition tool. Imagine what can happen if the criminal has your selfie and he uses to hack your accounts, phone or places where biometric technology is used?

We cannot replace our face like we can do with other things. So once the information is leaked you are at risk, your personal identity is at risk, you never know what they may do with the information and where they may go? Shocked after knowing all this?

You should be because we all tend to forget that there are 2 sides of the coin? Brighter side is attractive but darker sides shows you the reality, hidden by the brighter side. Same is the case with this new feature.

Google assures user and says, it doesn’t use your selfie for anything else and only keeps it for the time it takes to search for matches, but what is the guarantee that no one can intercept the data while it is being transmitted?

This new feature is a frightening and overblows security concerns.

Google tracks user’s data in various ways, it might be keeping the images safe but how can we trust other apps? They don’t have same level of security as Google.

It may look like users from the US can only enjoy the pleasure but they are the ones who are greater risk. Think once again before complaining and before using any new feature.

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