The Rise of Machines: Real World Applications of A.I.

Artificial Intelligence or A.I. has been one of the most controversial technologies ever since it surfaced as an idea in the modern world. While most of you believe the concept of artificial intelligence to be rooted in science fiction, the first mention of artificially created beings can be found in various works of mythology. Various works of Greek and western mythology, speak of artificially created beings such as the Colossi, Automatons and even highly self-aware beings such as Pandora and Galatea etc.

Sure the idea of having a sentient artificial being can be discomforting to some, thanks to Hollywood and its rage against the machine. But there are countless examples of how we are unknowingly using this technology on a day-to-day basis. No we’re not talking about robot pets or cybernetic killing machines, but technologies that involve an adaptive learning behavior to enhance user experience. Confused? Let’s take a look at some examples of A.I. in our everyday lives.

  • Personal Assistant in Smartphones

If you’re not a fan of a thinking machine that studies and learns from your behavior, then there’s no way you want to use your iPhone. Remember Jarvis from Iron Man movies? Well your smartphone’s personal assistant is pretty much a poor man’s version of that. Siri and Google Assistant etc. feature an adaptive learning algorithm that provides assistance to the user based on your interaction behavior. So the next time you ask Siri to be your date, she’ll already know your favorite place to eat.


  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

While their use isn’t very prevalent across the globe, but automated vacuum cleaners are the closest we can get to having a robot servant. Surfacing in the consumer market in the 90’s, robotic vacuum cleaners are considered stepping stones towards a high-tech future. They use a limited yet functional artificial intelligence algorithm that helps them detect any dust and debris on the floor and avoid collision with obstacles and objects.


  • Self-Driving Cars

With vacuum cleaners that can automatically avoid obstacles, it wasn’t long before someone applied the same idea in automotive technology. This resulted in the emergence of driverless or autonomous cars, which is one of the most anticipated technologies across the globe. Although autonomous cars haven’t seen the assembly line, several prototype models are being tested and developed by names such as Google, Volkswagen, Tesla and many more. So it isn’t long before we see a robot driven cab like the one from Total Recall (1990).


  • Internet Ad Targeting

Don’t you feel weird that google wants to complete your sentences every time you type in its search bar? This might come off as a surprise for many, but most search engines extensively target users by studying their online behavior before showing any advertisements. This means every time you look up something on google, it will be used to show relevant advertisements and suggestions based on the keywords along with the results.


  • Video Games

Video games have been one of the earliest examples of artificial intelligence put to practical use. Modern video games have been known to adapt according to the player’s behavior and making changes in the gameplay. Several games such as Resident Evil 4 etc. have an inbuilt algorithm that adjusts the game difficulty according to how the player is performing. This helps in maintaining and ensuring the game’s playability, resulting in a challenging yet satisfying gaming experience.


  • Chat Bots

A robot that could mimic a human being on an online chat server sounds suspicious, but it has been put to practical uses. Several companies use such automated chatting programs to provide seamless customer service. There have been instances of this technology being used to distribute spam as there aren’t a lot of ways to determine if you’re chatting with a bot or not.


Despite of how horrific its depiction is in works of popular culture; artificial intelligence is actually an essential part of our technological advancement. Hence, it is important that we should look at the brighter side of things and accept this change rather than loathing it. While one could find plenty of A.I. applications in medicinal and military sector, the above list comprises of everyday consumer technology that are used worldwide.


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    Andrea Maria
    Yes, AI plays an important role in strategic game like chess, where machines can think of a large number of possible positions based on its knowledge.

    5 years ago

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