To Buy Or Not To Buy: New MacBook Pro 13-Inch

With great power, comes great capability! The all-new 13-inch MacBook Pro with touch bar is the latest marvel of Apple and is nonetheless but epitome of perfection. If we compare it to its predecessor model of 2017 then the performance is twice as fast which will surely leave you amazed. Not just this, the latest MacBook model is loaded with a bunch of new features including eye opening graphics and display, Siri improvements, extended battery life, 4.8 GHz turbo boost speeds, T2 chip for better security and a lot more other amazing stuff.

So, if you’re thinking to buy this latest masterpiece by Apple or having second thoughts whether you should go for it or not, here are a few reasons that’ll help you in making a better choice. Let’s hear out a few honest opinions covering a few reasons whether to buy MacBook pro 13-inch model or not.

Reasons Why You Should Buy This Premium Machine

Starting with the pros here are a few reasons why you should go for MacBook Pro 13-inch model with touch bar and get it home right away!

1. Lightning Speed

Lightning Speed

The new MacBook Pro 13-inch model features a 6-core Intel Core i9 processor that works up to 70 per cent faster than the previous generation. This is really like experience some kind of magic and especially if you’re doing some pro level processing jobs like rendering 3D models, modifying special effects, encoding audio or videos, or any other thing, the performance of new MacBook Pro will definitely leave you stunned.

2. True Tone Display

True Tone Display

This latest model of MacBook is bright and colorful as ever with a sharp display resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixel. The only thing that’s new this time is True Tone display, which takes care of the white balance of panel based on the color temperature of ambient lighting. All-in-all, it offers a comfortable viewing experience and your eyes won’t feel strained even if you’re using this virtual machine for longer hours.

3. Hey Siri

Hey Siri

You will now experience a more familiar voice on MacBook Pro. Well, thanks to Apple’s T2 chip which not just provides a secure booting process but also consolidates a few audio controllers enhancing Siri experience. Be it opening apps, playing music, or answering your questions—Siri will always be around.

4. Better Keyboard

Better Keyboard

The new MacBook Pro features a Butterfly keyboard which has a silicone layer underneath each and every key. So, now your MacBook won’t be suffering from stuck keys and will be totally prevented any kind of dust or debris.

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5. Enhanced Audio Quality

Yes, you heard that right! Apple has finally put in some efforts to enhance our audio experience on new MacBook Pro. It now delivers a rich sound quality with balanced audio from both internal speakers. Unlike, other laptops you won’t feel any sort of sound distortion on MacBook even if you keep the volume on top.

But Wait, is it Actually Worth a Shot?

There’s always a different side of story! So, now let’s hear a few reasons why MacBook Pro isn’t a right choice for you.

1. No USB Ports

No USB Ports

Yeah that’s quite a bummer! Apple has ditched basic USB ports from MacBook and replaced it with much advanced Thunderbolt ports which provide an amazing bandwidth. But still, if you’re not willing to sacrifice USB port and SD card slot then you’re out of luck.

2. Umm… MacBook is not for Gamers

MacBook is not for Gamers

Sadly but yes, this MacBook Pro offers just a Okay-ish gaming graphic performance. It works pretty well with photo and video editing but when it comes to gaming then you will surely be a bit disappointed with its graphic performance.

3. Super High Price Tag

Super High Price Tag

Love it or hate it, the all new MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar comes with a high price tag starting from 1,799$. So, if you’re willing to spend a fortune on Apple’s latest premium machine then good luck!

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So folks, here were a few reasons why you should or shouldn’t buy MacBook Pro 13-inch mode. We hope these honest opinions will help you in making a better choice!

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