The Most Dangerous Mac Security Threats Found Till Date

Mac systems were considered to be the most secure among all operating systems. However, the attacks later proved that nothing is secure. Anything stays shielded until the attackers have not thought of destroying it. Here is the list of a few most dangerous security threats in Mac. Let’s get started!

1. Apple’s MacOS High Sierra Bug

This one found in 2017 and was quite serious. In this, anyone could enter the system and administrative panel without being asked for credentials. It was first discovered by Lemi Ergin. Though Apple patched this later and assured the users that nothing like this will ever happen again, things didn’t turn out well for Ergin. He was heavily criticized because he exposed about the flaw via twitter and didn’t follow the “guidelines.”

2. Keydnap

This one made everyone aware that for hackers neither MAC nor windows are hard to attack. It was discovered by ESET researchers in 2016. The keydnap was a backdoor trojan that behaved similar to KeRanger. It was designed and developed to steal the credentials from the hosts and was distributed via legitimate transmission of BitTorrent.


3. Mac.Eleanor

This was similar to the previous one, but hid behind a fake converter. It was discovered by BitDefender. After getting executed, this one runs Tor which gives access of the host mac to cybercriminals. They can now use it to steal credentials or lock the user out.

4. KeRanger ransomware

This one had a few victims! It was discovered in 2016 hiding behind BitTorrent transmission. It was a full fledged ransomware that could efficiently lock the files on OS X systems. This depicted that no matter how hard you try, to secure your Mac you’ll have to take one step further!

5. KeyRaider

It was distributed through Cydia repositories and made the iOS users aware of the risk they take by Jailbreaking their devices. Found in 2015, this was responsible for stealing over 225000 account details with which they could access to certificates, private keys, and other important documents. The users were terrified and complained that their phones have started behaving abnormally!


6. Thunderstrike

This was found by security professionals. This was a proof of concept attack designed to harm the Mac computers via firmware backdoor. Both issues were patched by apple later and users sighed in relief!

7. WireLurker and Masque

Being similar to Masque, Wirelurker was one of the most serious problems that apple had to fix. For masque to work, users were allured to download an app from third party store. However, things were different for WireLurker as it got spread via USB cable from an infected Mac to any other iOS device!

8. Celebgate’ iCloud attacks

This was the most serious issue that hit Apple hard. In this one, the iCloud was targeted and a few incredibly awkward pictures of some Hollywood stars were exposed. Yes they were fake, but how did they came out so easily. Apple, being Apple denied that any security breach has hit their system.

9. Flashback Trojan

This was the most notorious attack on Mac . It got installed as a drive posing as flash player. There is no definite count which tells how many systems were infected, but even the most intelligent people struggled with it!

Flashback Trojan
Source: securityaffairs

10. MacDefender

This was the most basic attack, but apple users were convinced that their systems are secure and didn’t care to pay attention. It played an old school trick. It came up with random number of threats with which the user’s PC was infected and he or she needed to install the given software and pay a small amount for the sme. Turned out it was a big scam!
Well, these are not the only ones which created a havoc in the industry. We hope that you are paying enough attention to secure your mac. In case you are not, deploy efficient antivirus.

What Do We Recommend?

There is no denying the fact that threats and vulnerabilities like these will never stop hitting your system. Each day hackers are coming up with something new to get into your system and cause harm. So why not stay prepared in advance? Well, you won’t be shielded from everything, but you will get protection against maximum vulnerabilities.

Systweak Anti-Malware will be the best product to put your trust on. This can promptly identify and get rid of the malicious files on your system. You ask how? Because it is equipped with advanced features with which securing your Mac will no longer be a tedious task. Also, it has four types of scan that will cater to your needs, they are:

  • Deep Scan: With this, you’ll be able to scan each and every file on your Mac. therefore, there no signs of malicious files will be left on your system.
  • Quick Scan: If you wish to check for threats only on a few selected areas, this one is the best. It looks on to a few vulnerable areas only.
  • Schedule Scan: In case, you wish to periodically scan your system, you can do so by setting up time and date for automatic scan.
  • Startup Scan: You might have plugins, extensions, login items and with startup scan, these will be checked for abnormal activities or presence of threats.

Being favourite of  a major section of people across the globe, this antimalware not only protects you from Malware, Trojan, Spyware, Adware but also from latest threats. A highly efficient team working to update the malware database, and thus Systweak Anti-malware always has your back!  You can download it from here and secure your Mac like a pro!

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