90’s – The Milestone Decade for Technologies – Year 1990 Evolution Begins


The Unforgettable Good Old Days.

Whatever complaints you may have from your childhood days, you can never get rid of good old days memories. In our case, 90’s define our good old days that we’d love to revisit. This last decade of the 20th Century is debated around the world for many reasons. One reason we understand is it being the evolutionary phase for technology.

One lesson that is commonly taught by both Science and history is that “Change is the Law of Nature”. And there will always be new discoveries that would lead us to the Evolution Period to change everything we thought we knew about technology.

If we talk of technology, 90’s decade could be marked as a major milestone for several advancements and developments. Each year saw some great tech launches by companies such as Apple, Motorola, Sony, Hewlett Packard, IBM and innumerable startups. The basic reason behind the importance of this decade is the coexistence of old and new technologies.

Surprisingly, the gadgets which looked so futuristic then feel pretty dated today. But we cannot completely ignore these as they pretty much spearheaded the technological revolution. It is because of those successful combinations that we have achieved so much in our current  and upcoming inventions. It was in that decade that Internet reached the masses and opened doors to newer inventions.

With this, let’s start our special series of blogs, which will tell you about the best gadgets of the 90’s decade.

So, let’s have a look at the gadgets in the first year of Evolution i.e. 1990.

1.      Tiger Handheld Games –


Tiger launched this Game Device in the late 80’s but it really took a hike in the early 90’s. All the kids who couldn’t get their hands on the Game Boy often had at least a couple of Tiger’s Handheld games. This device had a LCD screen which would light up static characters and objects in front of the background.

Tiger launched these devices with a lot many games like Arcade, NES, Sega Games, Football, Baseball and many more. They were fun to play but the negative point is the speakers were not that good and the people would have to keep their sounds off.

2.      HP Laserjet III Printer –


You would have spotted this printer in about every office, school and private business. With the invention of this printer HP also introduced two new technologies Resolution Enhancement Technology (RET) and PCL 5 technology.

RET uses variable dot sizes to smooth out the jagged lines and edges on all types of text and graphics. The print quality with this printer has sharpness of 600 dpi on the edges.

The Laser Jets before this were using PCL 4, but this printer introduced the PCL 5 technology which is a superset of PCL4. Hence, the Laserjet III was provided with the functionality of PostScript without the cost and processor overhead. It also simplified text scaling by expanding point type sizes.

3.      Poqet PC Classic –


The Poqet PC is a uniquely small, lightweight, and powerful IBM compatible computer, one of the smallest in existence at that time which had MS-DOS 3.30 OS and a built-in GW-Basic. It has a 640×200 graphics LCD Screen, a durable keyboard and many other sweet features like it resumed all operations just by pressing the power button. It was powered by two AA batteries which lasted for 3 weeks.

The Poqet PC comes with some essential pre installed apps like note editing PoqetWrite and PoqetTalk – communications program to have users access to dial-up services.

4.      Sega Genesis –


It is the first 16-bit gaming console, technically released at the very end of 1980’s gave a really good competition to Super Nintendo games. It became popular among the kids in the 90’s Decade. It came bundled with Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, and the Phantasy Star sequels.

The system also supports the EA Sports Games and the look and feel of the game seemed better on the Sega’s system. It was also called as Sega Mega Drive. It was the most successful console, which sold over 40 million units worldwide.

5.      Nintendo Game Boy –

“Tetris” and “Super Mario Land”, I guess these words do ring something in Nintendo_GameBoyyour memory and reminds you of your Old days. You guessed it right, I am referring to our dear Nintendo Game Boy.

It is an 8-bit handheld video game device with interchangeable cartridges which was first released in Japan on April 21, 1989. It was the first video game device in the Game Boy Line.

The above 5 were not only the best gadgets in the year 1990 but also paved the way for further developments. Our next blog would bring the best gadgets in the Year 1991. Simply subscribe to our newsletter to get the next blog directly in your inbox.

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