The Best GPS Tracker for Pets

Pets!! Your loyal and dependable friend that loves you unconditionally, never hold grudges against you and accepts the way you are. What if you lose them or are unable to locate them? All you can do is report about them or post about it on social media with restricted possibility of finding them. You can lose them forever and the only way, you can avoid this situation is by taking some preventive measures. The ongoing trend of wearable devices with embedded GPS tracker can be a savior for your pets. In this blog, we have put together the best GPS tracker for pets that will keep a track on the activities of your beloved friend.

1. SportDOG Brand Tek Series

If you love sports & adventure, take frequent adventurous trips and never forget to take your pets along in your journey of exploration, then this SportDOG collar can be your dog’s best companion. And if you have a bunch of dogs to take care, then you can use its “Add-a-Collars” feature that let you add up to 21 dogs in a single system. With this feature, you can keep track of each dog individually on a handheld map device and keep other information on check like distance covered, running speed etc.

SportDOG Brand Tek Series
source: Amazon


The best part of this device is that it doesn’t demands subscription like other tracking devices. And you can keep an eye on your dogs within the range of 10 miles without connecting to internet. This device is of great help if you travel in areas with poor network. Furthermore, the device is waterproof, durable and only takes four hours to completely charge.

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2. Pod 3

It is a small, compact but high-tech tracker that largely focuses on the comfort of your pet and doesn’t interfere in their everyday activities. Pod 3 is a lightweight device and an amalgamation of Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular network for locating your pets accurately. Also, you can keep a record of their health and get instant notification once they breach their safe zone.

SportDOG Brand Tek Series
Source: trustedreviews

Pod 3 works in 175 countries and hence, you can keep track of your pets, even when they are travelling. Also, the device can be compared to Apple health and Fitbit that gives information about playing time, their heart rate, eating and resting time. It even stores every activity of your pet that can be accessed directly from the device.

It is waterproof, has a reusable strap and interchangeable batteries, so you can locate your pet even while a battery charges. However, the device is available in monthly subscription but is one of the best navigation device for pets to keep them safe and secure.

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3. Paw Prints ID QR Smart GPS Pet Collar

This device largely focuses on indoor animals that indulges in spontaneous escapes. Just attach this device to the collar of your pet and you are set to go. But what makes Paw Prints ID QR Smart GPS Pet Collar different from other devices? They have a unique ID number and QR code, which remains exclusive to your pet. This eliminates the possibility of confusing your pet with someone’s pet. Also, you can create a webpage with significant links like name, owner, breed and medical records of your pet along with their photo.



In case, if you lost your pet and someone finds it, they can instantly scan the QR code and inform the owner within 30 seconds. And the greatest part, it has no activation fees or monthly subscription charges making it one of the best GPS tracker for pets.

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4. Whistle 3

Whistle 3 for dogs and cats can be equated to the Fitbit for human beings in terms of performance and durability. This device offers an overall package for your pets comprising of GPS and activity monitor. You can attach this small and compact device to the existing collar of your pet. All you need is an internet connection for the initial set-up as well as to define safe zones for your pet and then you are ready to go.

Source: PCMag

Here the safe area can be referred to as invisible gates, where the device alerts the owner as soon as their pet crosses the known zone via email or text. Demands monthly subscription plan like other trackers and uses cellular connectivity from AT&T to locate your pet’s exact position in the USA. The data from the last 24 hours is recorded and stored in the Android and iOS app. Also, the app offers various features like setting up activity and fitness goals, storing significant information and sending notifications.

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We care and nurture our pets like our own child and hence, cannot afford to lose them. Therefore, it is vital to purchase one of the best navigation device for pets before it is too late. Do comment in the section below, if you have any other device in mind.

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